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so brace yourself for a big surprise

maura @ 11:14 am

So this past week was curriculum night at Gus’s new (middle) school. We filed into the auditorium first and while we were waiting for the principal to get started I tried to catch up on Twitter. Then things got started and I couldn’t help myself from livetweeting. So here you go:

6th grade curriculum night is “fast-paced.” The principal will ring a bell to send us to the next class. Wish I had a glass of wine.

Talking about testing, progress reports, standards, scores. Mixed feelings. #6thgradecurriculumnight

Up with book sales! Down with candy sales! #6thgradecurriculumnight

We’re giving you 10 minutes to get to your homeroom. #6thgradecurriculumnight

Parents, you have 3 minutes to get to your next class. #6thgradecurriculumnight

“Let them get it wrong, let them see how they got it wrong.” Sage advice from the math teacher. #6thgradecurriculumnight

Bonjour! Kid has the most francais French teacher, complete wih mustard cardigan and fleur de lis scarf. Tres bien! #6thgradecurriculumnight

The band teacher is totally Tobias Funke, I kid you not. #6thgradecurriculumnight

Last period. Science. Respect for the miles my kid travels each day. #6thgradecurriculumnight

It was pretty eye-opening to see all the changes 6th graders have to deal with each day, so very different from elementary school. Things are smoother here now than they were last week — we are all more settled in, phew. Homework seems to be under control, more or less, for everyone, too: Gus is almost finished this weekend’s reading already, and I seem to have finished with the sample chapter we plan to send with the book proposal. Saturday morning FTW!

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twitter fail

maura @ 11:16 pm

I have given up on catching up on twitter this week. I’m not sure when it happened, but I’m anywhere from 24-48 hours behind on reading tweets right now. And I think I am just going to say no to catching up entirely.

It’s usually pretty easy to keep up with twitter — it fills in the gaps between things so nicely. I guess I haven’t had any of those gaps in the past few days. Except on the subway, but there’s no internet on the subway.

It feels even failier than usual to give up on twitter. Twitter is the easy one, the quick fix, not something to dwell on or worry about. Maybe I need to cull the # of folks I follow.

Also why is it still 85 degrees on some of the subway platforms? It’s November, for pete’s sake!

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just a second

maura @ 10:09 pm

I was going to write a real blag tonight, but I’m too tired. Today’s the mysterious holiday Brooklyn-Queens Day so I took the day off and Gus + I went out to the incredibly deserted, surprisingly clean beach at Fort Tilden on the Rockaways. From Brooklyn to Queens, get it? I hate the beach, really (ugh, sand) ((double ugh, sun)), but it was a gorgeous day and the kids had an utter blast, running themselves around til they were exhausted, so it’s hard to argue with that.

So, in lieu of an actual blag post, here’s some Twitter. Warning: I went to a conference last Friday so there will be a bunch of library-specific tweets in there. I also presented at the conference and was tickled to find that my talk was both livetweeted and liveblogged, w00t! Will try to post something about that soon, but probably over at my other, less goofy blag.

Today’s fun: a mostly deserted Ft Tilden. Happy Brooklyn-Queens Day!
about 4 hours ago via Echofon

RT @JenHoward …please email me at jennifer DOT howard AT chronicle DOT com. Thanks! That 370-page conf program is daunting. 2/2 #ala10
about 6 hours ago via web Retweeted by you

RT @JenHoward Academic librarians! If you have some advice on what sessions a higher-ed reporter should attend this at #ala10 ths year year…1/2
about 6 hours ago via web Retweeted by you

@What_Went_Wrong Cool, have fun! BTW, Gus is totally into the Warriors books, thx for the rec!
about 14 hours ago via Echofon in reply to What_Went_Wrong

Curriculum night: all about rhinos
Wed Jun 9 18:48:29 2010 via Echofon

Popping in to rejoin #TeamAchieve with 656 hard-fought words this morning. Better than powerpoint, at least!
Wed Jun 9 09:41:59 2010 via web

RT @TheRepoRat: RT @liber8er: Possible Boycott of Nature Publishing Group Journals at UC. (Yes!)
Tue Jun 8 23:39:32 2010 via Echofon

Too much powerpointing recently, need to try and do some writing tonight.
Tue Jun 8 18:55:34 2010 via Echofon

@librariAND Thanks! I sent my slides to the nelig folks if you’d like to take a look.
Mon Jun 7 23:49:23 2010 via Echofon in reply to librariAND

@What_Went_Wrong ooh, have fun!
Sat Jun 5 20:17:26 2010 via Echofon in reply to What_Went_Wrong

@aegisnyc O M G
Sat Jun 5 14:02:00 2010 via Echofon in reply to aegisnyc

Farmers market goers: +1 for buying healthy local food, but -2 for double parking yr bigass SUV at the top of the park. #ecofail
Sat Jun 5 11:36:27 2010 via Echofon

Not that there’s nothing to do, but the crunch is over. My summer of not working (most) nights & weekends starts…now! *exhale*
Sat Jun 5 09:36:27 2010 via Echofon

@divanoir yeah, you know, manhattan is just one big mall these days anyway. Brooklyn FTW!
Sat Jun 5 09:08:09 2010 via Echofon in reply to divanoir

@divanoir no way, funny!
Fri Jun 4 21:10:13 2010 via Echofon in reply to divanoir

@lifelobsters cool, thanks for the link!
Fri Jun 4 21:09:05 2010 via Echofon in reply to lifelobsters

Hearing 1 min wrapup of the day’s sessions really makes me wish I could have been in more than one place at the same time! #nelig
Fri Jun 4 15:50:12 2010 via web

RT @niathena Students more engaged with media projects than with research papers: they’re excited by sharing w/audience beyond their professor. #nelig
Fri Jun 4 15:18:19 2010 via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

Wow, awesome student podcast assignment at Colgate U w/research, writing script, peer-review and reflection paper #nelig
Fri Jun 4 15:10:47 2010 via web

credibility issue flipped is an equitable way of participating in knowledge creation, the opportunity is enormous #nelig
Fri Jun 4 11:41:39 2010 via web

Strategies for libraries: look to our peers for inspiration and collaboration #nelig
Fri Jun 4 11:33:39 2010 via web

Wow, asked kids to make videos interpreting each chapter of the book (Born Digital) — so interesting! #nelig
Fri Jun 4 11:23:50 2010 via web

Kids steal music but don’t know that there are lawful ways to use/remix other people’s copyrighted materials. #nelig
Fri Jun 4 11:18:05 2010 via web

Found big range w/kids re: credibility but most use wikipedia to get background info and find sources (good news!) #nelig
Fri Jun 4 11:13:46 2010 via web

We can encourage kids to participate and to build their own learning spaces. #NELIG
Fri Jun 4 11:07:09 2010 via web

Very long tail of participatory digital culture with kids from making a Myspace page up to writing code #NELIG
Fri Jun 4 11:04:23 2010 via web

@jtheibault hoping for the latter (tho the former would work, too). but I’m hoping to be able to draw on similarities for my work. #NELIG
Fri Jun 4 10:59:23 2010 via web

Gaming is the big thing that joins kids across socioeconomic statuses #NELIG
Fri Jun 4 10:53:13 2010 via web

Hoping to takeaway lessons about non-elite institutions from Palfrey’s talk. #NELIG #CityTech
Fri Jun 4 10:48:59 2010 via web

John Palfrey getting started w/his keynote at #NELIG
Fri Jun 4 10:43:33 2010 via web

@jrrnyc absolutely. unless it’s your own panel, then it’s not so good.
Fri Jun 4 10:39:36 2010 via web

RT @notjonathan OMG “@CarcassonneApp: Available now on the App Store:”
Fri Jun 4 09:15:49 2010 via Twitter for iPhone Retweeted by you

No electrical outlets on the Metronorth trains :( #firstworldwhining
Fri Jun 4 07:23:50 2010 via Echofon

@edrabinski hot damn! me too — finished w/paper + slides + taking today to ignore it before presenting tomorrow. good luck!
Thu Jun 3 10:10:52 2010 via web

@ChrysalisArch Awesome — congrats! Thanks for the photo, too.
Thu Jun 3 10:09:10 2010 via web

@Annefesto Har, u crack me up! I’m working hard prepping 4 a conference pres on Fri & appreciate the early wishes!
Wed Jun 2 23:41:59 2010 via Echofon in reply to Annefesto

@cryptog xW00t!
Wed Jun 2 19:42:09 2010 via Echofon in reply to cryptog

Wed Jun 2 11:24:10 2010 via Echofon

@captain_primate I bet there will be links. we could probably get a group order going + divvy them up. (2/2)
Tue Jun 1 21:29:40 2010 via web in reply to captain_primate

@captain_primate yeah, the place we got from was min order 50. can’t find details on SPARC or OA week websites, but as Oct gets closer (1/2)
Tue Jun 1 21:28:46 2010 via web in reply to captain_primate

@captain_primate Last year we ordered ours from a place linked from the OA week website. I can try and dig up the vendor if you want.
6:09 PM Jun 1st via Echofon in reply to captain_primate

@divanoir nah, not up so late, just a coffee addict.
3:49 PM May 31st via Echofon in reply to divanoir

What the park really needs is a roving coffee vendor.
1:43 PM May 31st via Echofon

@Annefesto I know! We’re actually trying to get him to start a blog so he has an outlet for videogame details that isn’t us. Stay tuned!
11:53 PM May 30th via Echofon in reply to Annefesto

Gus & friend are deconstructing the relationship btwn Bowser, Peach & Mario over dinner. Hilarious. And such attention to detail!
7:22 PM May 30th via Echofon

@edrabinski As well you should! I’m tired & having a hard time banging out the words, but 700 should finish the presentation so I press on.
5:15 PM May 30th via web in reply to edrabinski

@lwaltzer Dude, the hidden downside of literacy. Happens to us too.
12:17 PM May 30th via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

Guess how long the bike ride lasted before we had to stop for a hot dog?
12:14 PM May 30th via Echofon

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rolling masterpiece galaxy

maura @ 10:22 am

I’ve felt guilty this week that I haven’t blagged more, especially after I made that big no excuses just write proclamation a while ago. But I have actually written a fair amount, just not for here. I wrote a couple of ACRLog posts (one published, one in wait). Then I got sick and in a haze of coughing decided to contribute to that crazy one week one book project Hacking the Academy. I wrote two posts for it but only submitted one — the loser was a somewhat ranty piece about publishing in open access journals, which is a topic already pretty well covered in other submissions by many folks in a much more articulate fashion. And in the past 2 days I’ve written about 3,900 words of a presentation I’m giving at a conference at the end of next week. It’s not finished yet, but almost. Go me!

And I haven’t dumped a Twitterstream in here in a while, either, so here ya go.

@boonebgorges congratulations, boone, and have fun!
8 minutes ago via web in reply to boonebgorges

@edrabinski New England Library Instruction Group ( Should be fun, tho I wish my week leading up to it was less hectic.
about 15 hours ago via web in reply to edrabinski

Should be working on my conference presentation, but having trouble tearing myself away from watching Gus play Super Mario Galaxy 2.
about 17 hours ago via web

Almost down to the wire, throwing my hat into the #hackacad #library ring.
10:54 PM May 28th via web

@alevtina wow, what is that crazy contraption?! also, nice hat!
10:46 PM May 28th via web in reply to alevtina

@edrabinski Thanks! I think it will be a #TeamAchieve weekend — I need to finish up that presentation stat.
7:00 PM May 28th via web

today has been just one big technology FAIL
3:55 PM May 28th via web

1500 words down on this conference preso, w00t! Can I be an honorary member of #TeamAchieve for today?
10:54 AM May 28th via web

Wondering what to do with the blog posts not posted. Can’t bring myself to chuck 500 words in the trash. File under liminal?
11:05 PM May 27th via web

Damn, my USB drive got a virus from a computer I used at work today. Probly infected my office machine 2. Should make tomorrow interesting.
9:34 PM May 27th via web

What if all junior faculty (*all* of us!) started submitting our articles *only* to open access journals?
6:25 PM May 27th via Echofon

Submitting my first vote as a real member of College Council.
9:56 AM May 27th via Echofon

@divanoir yep! It’s a great pool, & there’s tasty Latin American food trucks at the park across the street.
7:26 AM May 27th via Echofon in reply to divanoir

after all that grumping, he’s asleep mere minutes after his head hit the pillow. #damnkids #imjealous
8:37 PM May 26th via Echofon

@notjonathan didn’t realize there’d have to be *thinking* involved. maybe i’ll try that tomorrow morning.
3:16 PM May 25th via web

late afternoon slump approaching, coffee not working, train of thought derailed, send help!
3:16 PM May 25th via web

I stood on this for a while, but I think it’s broken.
8:06 AM May 25th via Echofon

Hoping we don’t regret letting Gus take the Pokewalker to school today…
7:28 AM May 24th via Echofon

@Annefesto I’m in! R u sick 2? J just made me some medicinal lemon honey thing so hopefully the hack will subside soon.
10:01 PM May 21st via Echofon in reply to Annefesto

@mikhailg @lwaltzer It’s a leap of faith, I know, but the Purvis is a taste sensation, srsly! Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless.
9:59 PM May 21st via Echofon in reply to mikhailg

@pandamans Thank you! I’ll be here all week.
2:27 PM May 21st via Echofon in reply to pandamans

With this cough I could definitely write a book on hacking, I tell ya.
12:46 PM May 21st via Echofon

RT @foundhistory: One Week, One Book: Help @dancohen & I publish an edited volume, “Hacking the Academy,” in a week:
12:44 PM May 21st via Echofon

@mikhailg have fun in west lafayette! go to the xxx family restaurant & have a duane purvis burger & vanilla coke for me.
12:38 PM May 21st via Echofon in reply to mikhailg

Gah, sick day. :(
9:17 AM May 21st via Echofon

Student presentations were fantastic. Plus, there were scones. LIB1201 FTW! Sad that it’s over.
12:48 PM May 20th via web

Just about time for my students to present their final projects. They’ve done awesome work this semester. But why am *I* nervous?
9:51 AM May 20th via web

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good things came in the mail today

maura @ 6:21 pm

Ack, such a bummer round here the past few days! Sorry about that. Won’t reading some twitter cheer us all up?

@What_Went_Wrong 104 pages in and I can heartily recommend it, tho it’s definitely sad to be this close to the end.
about 20 hours ago via web

Should probly be working but a neighbor lent me a British copy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest & I cannot resist its Swedish charms
about 21 hours ago via web

@edrabinski I would lie right down in them if I didn’t know that the guards would yell at me. And still some lilacs, too. Yay BBG!
3:44 PM May 16th via Echofon in reply to edrabinski

We didn’t miss the bluebells!
2:18 PM May 16th via Echofon

Frankly, I’m surprised you don’t hear more Cardigans songs in Ikea.
3:56 PM May 15th via Echofon

Even the crabbiest kid can’t resist the joy of flying side kicks.
12:12 PM May 15th via Echofon

@puckupdate Yeah, when I was an archaeologist this used to happen to me at the end of a dig, too. The older I get, the older it gets…
10:18 AM May 15th via Echofon in reply to puckupdate

It’s 4 days before finals start, please welcome my traditional end o’ semester illness. This semester it’s a head cold. Yay.
9:44 AM May 15th via Echofon

@edrabinski gah, I know, B71 is the only good way to my kid’s school. *was,* I mean. stupid budget.
10:58 PM May 14th via Echofon in reply to edrabinski

Sing it! RT @edrabinski: Totally won over by arguments for data transparency. #opensciny
6:12 PM May 14th via Echofon

after a brief window of heat last week, my part of the library is freezing again today. i’m dressed like a jawa in my long hooded sweater.
11:13 AM May 14th via web

almost afraid to say this out loud: i only have 1 thing on my calendar today. ONE! will this be the day i finally catch up? stay tuned!
8:51 AM May 14th via web

RT @TheRepoRat: Elsevier gross: $10B. Margin on sci-tech articles: 30%. INSANE. #cli10 (me: picks up jaw off floor)
7:20 PM May 13th via Echofon

RT @cunynewswire: CUNY Newswire: One-Day Furlough for Employees on the New York State Payroll
10:26 PM May 11th via Echofon

checked the Merge site re: new @tracey_thorn record: “Preorders will ship to arrive on or around the May 18, 2010 release date.” squee!
9:36 PM May 10th via web

This just in: I’ve been cold all day. The cats are acting crazy. Soon it will be dinnertime. And that’s the news from here.
5:16 PM May 10th via web

The suboptimal weather on a weekend conundrum is in effect: kid is spazzy + needs activity, parents want a quiet reading/media day.
3:01 PM May 9th via web

RT @maura new tracey thorn album streaming in its entirety at npr (i was lucky to write the copy): [yay, maura!]
10:42 AM May 9th via web

@edrabinski You too! Such a great day, my brain is full.
7:35 PM May 8th via Echofon in reply to edrabinski

@cpellegr I thought the same thing this morning! Who do we petition to move it to June?
5:34 PM May 8th via Echofon in reply to cpellegr

@PunkRockKarl Too true, that is definitely more radical!
5:26 PM May 8th via Echofon in reply to PunkRockKarl

Nothing is more radical than a baby at a lecture. :)
2:17 PM May 8th via Echofon

@mkgold Wow, go you! I feel chained to fb by family pressures, but flirt w/leaving practically daily.
9:01 AM May 8th via Echofon in reply to mkgold

3rd + Final Stop: Back in the BK. Sometimes it’s nice to tour the city where you live. Happy Friday!
8:23 PM May 7th via web

Stop 2: Manhattan. Graduate Center. Academic Commons/CAT meeting. Tasty cafeteria lunch. Beets FTW!
1:44 PM May 7th via Echofon

Great talk on assessing information literacy by Megan Oakleaf. We have a lot of work to do!
12:01 PM May 7th via Echofon

Stop 1 on my three-boro tour today: Megan Oakleaf’s talk @ LaGCC in Queens.
9:59 AM May 7th via Echofon

Bouncy castle on campus today. File under surreal:
9:09 PM May 6th via Echofon

@lwaltzer One of the few things I don’t like about apt livin’ = no grill. Bon appetit!
9:06 PM May 6th via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

@paigecasey With cookies!
6:26 PM May 6th via Echofon in reply to paigecasey

At the Honors Scholars Poster Session. #CityTech students FTW!
1:07 PM May 6th via Echofon

dear google, once again you are screwing up my precious morning writing time. i may have to break up with you!
8:35 AM May 6th via web

getting ready to create the last rubric of the semester. rather tired of rubrics, really.
9:04 PM May 5th via web

man, google docs, what is your damage today?
10:14 AM May 5th via web

dear internets, please send bubble of quiet focused concentration. kthxbai!
8:32 AM May 5th via web

my sweet kid is a softie: he’s gone to sleep very sad that he’s nearly finished reading “mrs frisby & the rats of nimh”
9:03 PM May 4th via web

musical ep of Fringe < musical ep of Buffy OR musical ep of Xena
11:31 AM May 1st via Echofon

@mikhailg @lwaltzer @jrrnyc @jugoretz @boonebgorges @mkgold Have fun today at #blsci. Wish I could be there. Tweet lots!
9:26 AM Apr 30th via web in reply to mikhailg

considering the research assignment as a game: overly reductive or potentially useful? discuss.
8:38 AM Apr 30th via web

@alevtina the hidden down side of sharing! but snickerdoodles are so tasty, i’m sure everyone was happy you shared.
8:44 PM Apr 29th via web in reply to alevtina

list longer now than on monday morning. home inbox 19. work inbox 50. tired. sigh. solution? watch house, drink a beer, sleep.
8:41 PM Apr 29th via web

@mkgold happy birthday matt! glad you were able to do something non-worky today.
8:39 PM Apr 29th via web in reply to mkgold

Student performances at #CityTech #LitFest
5:51 PM Apr 29th via Echofon

This week has just evaporated.
7:02 PM Apr 28th via Echofon

RT @CityTechLitFest #CityTech #LiteraryArtsFestival #writing #fiction #poetry #drama #essays #WilliePerdomo #free #brooklyn #DoNotMissIt
1:09 PM Apr 28th via web Retweeted by you and 2 others

@listentomyvoice Yes! I still have slides from an archaeology paper I presented in ’96. Photos of charts & graphs FTW! (and woah I am old)
12:12 PM Apr 27th via Echofon in reply to listentomyvoice

RT @librarianmer Love it! RT @nengard: Free as in Library
8:33 PM Apr 26th via TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 1 other

RT @berkmancenter: @eszter’s new paper: “Trust Online: Young Adults’ Evaluation of Web Content”
2:08 PM Apr 26th via Echofon

RT @kerim How to Draw Time –
9:51 AM Apr 25th via TimesPeople Retweeted by you and 10 others

@divanoir hey, can you pass on a bluebells & lilacs status report?
2:55 PM Apr 24th via Echofon in reply to divanoir

@lwaltzer happy birthday Kaya! 6 is awesome.
3:23 PM Apr 23rd via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

Just heard an awesome talk on eBook Readers Bill of Rights by Alycia Sellie & Matthew Goins:
3:02 PM Apr 23rd via Echofon

@mikhailg “I drive a Mister Softee truck. It’s not boring.”
8:22 PM Apr 22nd via Echofon in reply to mikhailg

I just told Gus to go back to playing his Mtv videogames, to which he replied “what’s Mtv?”
8:19 PM Apr 22nd via Echofon

RT @ChrysalisArch: Happy Earth Day … we could learn a few things about being green from the past. (archaeology FTW!)
12:50 PM Apr 22nd via Echofon

@alevtina bacon, you say? Intriguing…
7:21 AM Apr 22nd via Echofon in reply to alevtina

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i am the passenger

maura @ 10:13 pm

Today I went to a conference and had a blast. I’m exhausted now, but it strikes me that I’m incredibly lucky (an incredibly grateful) to have a job in which I get to spend a day listening to and talking with smart, interesting people and thinking about important issues.

Lots of tweets from today, and before, because it’s been awhile since I’ve posted them:

@alevtina sounds delicious! except for the brussels sprouts, i just can’t abide them.
half a minute ago via web in reply to alevtina

Awesome time at #du10 today. My brain is full.
about 1 hour ago via Echofon

@mkgold experimentation and freedom to fail (and try again)… sounds like a game to me. #du10
about 3 hours ago via web

@jrrnyc ha! what about a homemade one? i got sharpies!
about 5 hours ago via web

RT georgeotte @s2ceball: What is rigor, and why is it applied in a way that clamps down on production & access #du10
about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

today makes me want to get a tattoo of the open access logo. #du10
about 6 hours ago via web

Clifford Lynch makes the point that peer review itself is extremely time-intensive and increasing as publication increases. #du10
about 6 hours ago via web

@epistemographer true, true. tho could be another argument in favor of curation as a valuable scholarly activity. #du10
about 7 hours ago via web in reply to epistemographer

clearly needs coffee, many tweeting typos from me this session
about 7 hours ago via web

@epistemographer yes! and other places. i think we need to be willing to consider multiple spaces for communities to come together. #dh10
about 7 hours ago via web in reply to epistemographer

@epistomographer discussing the flip side of everyone is a creator — interesting. #du10
about 8 hours ago via web

I suspect that the term paradigm shift was used in every workshop this morning. #du10
about 10 hours ago via web

Phil Pochoda (UMich): we need to think bigger, not smaller, in scholarly publishing. the system will adapt. #dh10
about 11 hours ago via web

digital scholarly publishing has evolved slowly for yrs, are we at a point now when we can make a strong push for change? (i hope so!) #du10
about 11 hours ago via web

re: needing 2 B in 4 rms at once: can the tweets B divvied up later & posted on workshop pages on the website? alternatively: clones? #dh10
about 11 hours ago via web

Willinsky: new models for publishing (of course) should include digital forms including datasets (amen to that!). #du10
about 11 hours ago via web

@lwaltzer nope, they are one + the same, just 2 diff digital spaces to accommodate non-CUNY folks too. #du10
about 11 hours ago via web

John Willinsky: there is already enough money in scholarly publishing, it just needs to be reallocated more cooperatively #du10
about 12 hours ago via web

Nick Carbone: with more open publishing scholarly writing will change, less jargon, more public discourse #du10
about 12 hours ago via web

Wow, diverse attendees in this acad publishing workshop: faculty, grad students, librarians, publishers. #du10
about 12 hours ago via web

In the Academic Publishing workshop at #du10
about 12 hours ago via web

Practically perfect blossoms today:
6:33 PM Apr 18th via Echofon

RT CityTechLitFest Are you getting ready for Wille Perdomo on 4/29 at City Tech? Tell your friends, too!
1:26 PM Apr 18th via web Retweeted by you and 1 other

my kid just asked me if he could borrow my nintendo ds. :)
6:52 PM Apr 17th via web

On the bus to karate. Sometimes I love the bus.
11:18 AM Apr 17th via Echofon

@ChrysalisArch You should! I’d read it for sure.
11:14 AM Apr 17th via Echofon in reply to ChrysalisArch

Testing pasting in a longish URL to Twitter, pay me no mind:
3:17 PM Apr 16th via web

This morning I got into the shower w/my glasses on and was 1/2way finished before I even noticed. #iclearlyneedmoresleep
7:24 AM Apr 16th via Echofon

@captain_primate It’s really just impossible not to. Same with American Bottom.
6:05 PM Apr 15th via Echofon in reply to captain_primate

You know, when technology actually works the way it’s supposed to, it’s really awesome.
12:11 PM Apr 15th via Echofon

@Annefesto woah, you jetsetter! that is not enough time at home in my book.
10:40 PM Apr 14th via Echofon in reply to Annefesto

New workshop room projector training webinar (actually pretty cool).
10:24 AM Apr 14th via Echofon

This parenthood vacation has been a hoot, but I miss my kid.
8:39 AM Apr 14th via Echofon

OH: it’s like they’re anti-cellphone windows.
7:20 PM Apr 12th via Echofon

Hey edupunks, you saw this CFP, right?
4:59 PM Apr 10th via web

I was only temporarily awesome, apparently. Personal inbox=16, work inbox=23, feedreader=56. Bah.
11:04 PM Apr 8th via web

gearing up to team teach w/my evaluating sources game today. have candy for the winners!
10:47 AM Apr 7th via Echofon

Why I am awesome: apparently sometime last week I prepped for tomorrow’s class, thus preventing a severe case of end-of-Spring-Break-itis.
9:54 PM Apr 5th via web

i know it’s lame to tweet about the weather, but i am seriously not ready for it to be 76 degrees.
6:46 PM Apr 5th via web

The water is freezing, yet he must build.
3:43 PM Apr 4th via Echofon

Home again, home again, and the cats are happy to see us.
9:09 PM Apr 3rd via Echofon

@JenHoward Hi, I’m a college librarian trying integrate games into my instruction, I’m happy to talk with your colleague.
7:18 PM Mar 31st via Echofon in reply to JenHoward

Did I forget to mention the giant inflatable census I saw last week?
9:15 PM Mar 30th via Echofon

spinning my wheels a bit today, sigh
3:42 PM Mar 30th via web

RT Registration now open for The Digital University conf at CUNY GC (NYC 4/21). @sivavaid keynotes #du10 Pls RT
10:23 AM Mar 29th via web Retweeted by you and 4 others

@boonebgorges I mouse lefty, totally helps w/carpal strain. Try swapping yr buttons. Bonus: freaks out ppl who try 2 use yr machine!
1:55 PM Mar 29th via web

@divanoir yah, rain is making me sleepy, too. tea is yr friend!
1:53 PM Mar 29th via web

First full RT day in weeks, yay! Let’s get this research party started.
8:55 AM Mar 29th via Echofon

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two three four

maura @ 9:06 pm

I feel like some of my tweets are missing from this list, but I’m not entirely sure. I *have* been really busy lately and not twittering as much as usual, so maybe that’s it. Though I also think I remember hearing that Twitter was down at some point so maybe some got sucked into the ether. Anyway, complete or incomplete, here’s what I’ve got:

@Annefesto yah, there’s usually karate on sat mornings which helps, but yesterday it was canceled.
about 11 hours ago via Echofon in reply to Annefesto

@divanoir no baking, but I did make lunch & dinner fer the kid, does that count? also vacuumed enough cat hair to make a new cat, srsly.
7:07 PM Mar 27th via web

Finding myself somewhat paralyzed by the Saturdayness (and the chilly weather). What should we do today?
10:29 AM Mar 27th via Echofon

@lwaltzer If you’re NYC museuming next Monday many are prob open because the public schools are on spring break.
8:59 PM Mar 26th via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

Lunchtime reading: library graffiti hilarity from my alma mater. Nerds FTW!
12:20 PM Mar 26th via web

Today’s tactical error: I should have worn a hat. Wwwwwindy!
8:31 AM Mar 26th via Echofon

@librarianmer is the fruit heavier? if so, it might ooze downward & not look very nice. (also, thrill of discovery!)
8:29 AM Mar 26th via Echofon in reply to librarianmer

@divanoir j says April 1 for #fringe.
10:36 PM Mar 25th via Echofon in reply to divanoir

@mikhailg can you ask yr students if they’ll let you post their extra credit on the blog? I’d love to read their answers!
11:11 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon in reply to mikhailg

@divanoir A colleague of mine @s_francoeur from Baruch College Library tweeted it. Interesting! Might show to my class.
7:24 AM Mar 17th via Echofon in reply to divanoir

Found a small hole in my cardigan :( #yesimalibrarian
1:24 PM Mar 16th via Echofon

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what did you see there?

maura @ 10:02 pm

Has it really been over 2 weeks since I posted my Twitterstream? Oh my, it has. And now I have to go read about plagiarism because this book is due back to the library soon. While I’m at it, you can read this:

@MissTanya @paigecasey stop it y’all, I’m about to start crying.
44 minutes ago via Echofonin reply to MissTanya

RT @aegisnyc: Sunday night and I want a do-over. (me too!)
9:17 PM Mar 14th via Echofon

I just don’t have time for daylight savings this year, can I get a raincheck?
9:14 PM Mar 13th via web

Trying to take advantage of Gus @ bday party time to get some work done. Hard to decide where to start.
12:39 PM Mar 13th via Echofon

Collaboration/interoperability across academic libraries is all good, but we can’t do it w/closed systems like Blackboard. #refsymp
10:52 AM Mar 12th via Echofon

RT @eszter: I’m hiring a postdoc. See details here:
9:09 PM Mar 10th via Echofon

About to teach my first English instruction session of the semester!
8:32 AM Mar 10th via Echofon

I would like to have self-brushing teeth. Self-flossing, too.
10:35 PM Mar 8th via Echofon

Gus has a joke for librarians w/kids who <3 Kirby: metadata is data used by Metaknight
9:02 PM Mar 6th via web

@mkgold I’m not doing archaeology right now, but I’d be happy to help yr student if I can.
7:36 PM Mar 6th via Echofon in reply to mkgold

@jrrnyc right there with ya — spent the afternoon grading & emailing. I can go outside tomorrow, right?
7:31 PM Mar 6th via Echofon in reply to jrrnyc

@mkgold thanks for sharing that article ( – maybe something we can draw on for the grant proposal?
1:48 PM Mar 6th via Echofon in reply to mkgold

Gus is watching Kirby videos on the iPod, I’m catching up on rss feeds and Twitter. Friday night, y’all.
8:20 PM Mar 5th via Echofon

watching this: creepy, weird, cool. thinking I should reread the book. eyeballs!
10:54 PM Mar 4th via Echofon

Yay! RT @mkgold: RT @nowviskie UVA Faculty Senate unanimously approves [opt-in] Open Access/Authors’ Rights resolution.
1:51 PM Mar 1st via Echofon

9:42 PM Feb 28th via Echofon

Ok, iphone cozy, it’s ON. I’m going to finish you this weekend if it’s the last thing I do!
9:50 PM Feb 26th via Echofon

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i am un chien andalusian

maura @ 4:19 pm

Today is a snow day. I took Gus + a pal sledding then took a short nap but woke up all grumpy, feeling like I need to get some stuff crossed off my list but not very energetic nor sure where to start. Hmph. Maybe I need some more tea.

Then I realized I hadn’t posted my twitterstream for a while, so here are the fruits of my procrastination, just for you:

about 1 hours ago via Echofon

@divanoir oh yeah. heading to the park in a few, after I finish my coffee.
about 3 hours ago via Echofon in reply to divanoir

@lwaltzer hmm, that’s a tough choice. the ds has been a big win for us, but the accordion has some serious appeal.
about 5 hours ago via web in reply to lwaltzer

@ms_tinamarie @s_francoeur yep, we finally got a call, too. yay!
about 7 hours ago via web

Kinda disappointed–have some fun stuff planned for today, but could really use a snow day, too.
about 9 hours ago via Echofon

Lots on my plate. Timmy, my imaginary assistant, where are you when I need you to clear my schedule? SO unreliable, the imaginary.
about 18 hours ago via web

My Devo color is red: Find out your Devo color at (note: not at all happy about red. green is me!)
about 18 hours ago via web

@mikhailg glad to help out! such a great record (and film, too).
10:13 PM Feb 24th via web in reply to mikhailg

today’s assertion: there is no grumpiness that listening to the pixies cannot cure.
2:01 PM Feb 24th via web

Testify! RT @TheRepoRat: New BoT post: Librarians: down with the impact factor!
8:01 PM Feb 22nd via Echofon

Away for 4.5 days and the cats are relentlessly needy now that we’ve returned, omg!
11:54 AM Feb 22nd via web

Home from vacation, missing the snow, sniff.
9:08 PM Feb 21st via web

@zephoria not sure, but would love to hear what others suggest.
8:51 PM Feb 20th via Echofon in reply to zephoria

Blech, so tired of watching skating. Bring back skiing & snowboarding!
8:52 PM Feb 19th via Echofon

cramming a week of work into 1 day, w00t!
12:24 PM Feb 16th via web

The kid is at a playdate and I have 3.5 hrs to deal with a CFP, why are the dang cats acting so freaky?
10:37 AM Feb 15th via web

@lwaltzer Fun! We keep meaning to go but have never been (yet!).
9:34 AM Feb 14th via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

@lwaltzer ooh, nice sharks! Where are you?
5:03 PM Feb 13th via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

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happy lincoln’s birthday!

maura @ 8:10 pm

Today is the only day during the year that CUNY is closed but the public schools are OPEN. As if I needed another reason to like our 16th president.

In honor of this day I am doing no work at all. None! And also a couple of errandy things. And reading something for fun.* And I took a very small nap. Woo hoo!

* Just because I’m reading a book about plagiarism doesn’t mean it’s not fun!

Anyway, I have a couple of partially-written things to post here (or elsewhere) but I’m too tired from my day off to finish them now. Here’s some Twitter to tide you over.

RT @notjonathan My first iPhone app is live! (iTunes DM or @ me if you’d like a free promo code #tarot
1:22 PM Feb 11th from Tweetie Retweeted by you and 1 other

A brisk snowy walk, the quiet of the office before the library opens, taking some time to write. Happy Thursday!
8:40 AM Feb 11th from web

From the parent coordinator at my kid’s school: school is OPEN tomorrow. Best. Email. Ever.
6:27 PM Feb 10th from web

@alevtina Go, City Tech! Snow can’t stop the awesomeness, oh yeah. :)
8:20 AM Feb 10th from Echofon in reply to alevtina

RT @kittenwithawhip: RT @DrinkWellDoGood Southern Foodways Alliance seeking interns for Oral History programs.
11:36 PM Feb 8th from Echofon

Dear printer, Actually, paper is *not* jammed in the transport unit. Please get a grip. Thanks, Maura
4:07 PM Feb 8th from web

One of the cats likes to nap on the shelf next to my desk. Study buddy!
10:23 AM Feb 8th from Echofon

RT @mwesch Check out “The Class” a parody of The Office on technology in the classroom from @LynnSchofClark ‘s class at DU
7:48 AM Feb 7th from web Retweeted by you and 16 others

Watching Fringe + swooning over Olivia Dunham’s awesome black wool coat, as usual. 3 buttons on the sleeves!
10:41 PM Feb 6th from web

Brooklyn, NY = NOpocalypse. Bummed.
3:11 PM Feb 6th from web

Already disappointed that we are not going to get enough snow. Bah.
7:40 PM Feb 5th from web

Gus would like me to know that he does NOT have a giga-memory, GOSH, how can he POSSIBLY remember all of the THINGS he has to DO before bed!
8:41 PM Feb 4th from web

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