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maura @ 10:02 pm

Has it really been over 2 weeks since I posted my Twitterstream? Oh my, it has. And now I have to go read about plagiarism because this book is due back to the library soon. While I’m at it, you can read this:

@MissTanya @paigecasey stop it y’all, I’m about to start crying.
44 minutes ago via Echofonin reply to MissTanya

RT @aegisnyc: Sunday night and I want a do-over. (me too!)
9:17 PM Mar 14th via Echofon

I just don’t have time for daylight savings this year, can I get a raincheck?
9:14 PM Mar 13th via web

Trying to take advantage of Gus @ bday party time to get some work done. Hard to decide where to start.
12:39 PM Mar 13th via Echofon

Collaboration/interoperability across academic libraries is all good, but we can’t do it w/closed systems like Blackboard. #refsymp
10:52 AM Mar 12th via Echofon

RT @eszter: I’m hiring a postdoc. See details here:
9:09 PM Mar 10th via Echofon

About to teach my first English instruction session of the semester!
8:32 AM Mar 10th via Echofon

I would like to have self-brushing teeth. Self-flossing, too.
10:35 PM Mar 8th via Echofon

Gus has a joke for librarians w/kids who <3 Kirby: metadata is data used by Metaknight
9:02 PM Mar 6th via web

@mkgold I’m not doing archaeology right now, but I’d be happy to help yr student if I can.
7:36 PM Mar 6th via Echofon in reply to mkgold

@jrrnyc right there with ya — spent the afternoon grading & emailing. I can go outside tomorrow, right?
7:31 PM Mar 6th via Echofon in reply to jrrnyc

@mkgold thanks for sharing that article ( – maybe something we can draw on for the grant proposal?
1:48 PM Mar 6th via Echofon in reply to mkgold

Gus is watching Kirby videos on the iPod, I’m catching up on rss feeds and Twitter. Friday night, y’all.
8:20 PM Mar 5th via Echofon

watching this: creepy, weird, cool. thinking I should reread the book. eyeballs!
10:54 PM Mar 4th via Echofon

Yay! RT @mkgold: RT @nowviskie UVA Faculty Senate unanimously approves [opt-in] Open Access/Authors’ Rights resolution.
1:51 PM Mar 1st via Echofon

9:42 PM Feb 28th via Echofon

Ok, iphone cozy, it’s ON. I’m going to finish you this weekend if it’s the last thing I do!
9:50 PM Feb 26th via Echofon

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