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maura @ 10:22 am

I’ve felt guilty this week that I haven’t blagged more, especially after I made that big no excuses just write proclamation a while ago. But I have actually written a fair amount, just not for here. I wrote a couple of ACRLog posts (one published, one in wait). Then I got sick and in a haze of coughing decided to contribute to that crazy one week one book project Hacking the Academy. I wrote two posts for it but only submitted one — the loser was a somewhat ranty piece about publishing in open access journals, which is a topic already pretty well covered in other submissions by many folks in a much more articulate fashion. And in the past 2 days I’ve written about 3,900 words of a presentation I’m giving at a conference at the end of next week. It’s not finished yet, but almost. Go me!

And I haven’t dumped a Twitterstream in here in a while, either, so here ya go.

@boonebgorges congratulations, boone, and have fun!
8 minutes ago via web in reply to boonebgorges

@edrabinski New England Library Instruction Group ( Should be fun, tho I wish my week leading up to it was less hectic.
about 15 hours ago via web in reply to edrabinski

Should be working on my conference presentation, but having trouble tearing myself away from watching Gus play Super Mario Galaxy 2.
about 17 hours ago via web

Almost down to the wire, throwing my hat into the #hackacad #library ring.
10:54 PM May 28th via web

@alevtina wow, what is that crazy contraption?! also, nice hat!
10:46 PM May 28th via web in reply to alevtina

@edrabinski Thanks! I think it will be a #TeamAchieve weekend — I need to finish up that presentation stat.
7:00 PM May 28th via web

today has been just one big technology FAIL
3:55 PM May 28th via web

1500 words down on this conference preso, w00t! Can I be an honorary member of #TeamAchieve for today?
10:54 AM May 28th via web

Wondering what to do with the blog posts not posted. Can’t bring myself to chuck 500 words in the trash. File under liminal?
11:05 PM May 27th via web

Damn, my USB drive got a virus from a computer I used at work today. Probly infected my office machine 2. Should make tomorrow interesting.
9:34 PM May 27th via web

What if all junior faculty (*all* of us!) started submitting our articles *only* to open access journals?
6:25 PM May 27th via Echofon

Submitting my first vote as a real member of College Council.
9:56 AM May 27th via Echofon

@divanoir yep! It’s a great pool, & there’s tasty Latin American food trucks at the park across the street.
7:26 AM May 27th via Echofon in reply to divanoir

after all that grumping, he’s asleep mere minutes after his head hit the pillow. #damnkids #imjealous
8:37 PM May 26th via Echofon

@notjonathan didn’t realize there’d have to be *thinking* involved. maybe i’ll try that tomorrow morning.
3:16 PM May 25th via web

late afternoon slump approaching, coffee not working, train of thought derailed, send help!
3:16 PM May 25th via web

I stood on this for a while, but I think it’s broken.
8:06 AM May 25th via Echofon

Hoping we don’t regret letting Gus take the Pokewalker to school today…
7:28 AM May 24th via Echofon

@Annefesto I’m in! R u sick 2? J just made me some medicinal lemon honey thing so hopefully the hack will subside soon.
10:01 PM May 21st via Echofon in reply to Annefesto

@mikhailg @lwaltzer It’s a leap of faith, I know, but the Purvis is a taste sensation, srsly! Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless.
9:59 PM May 21st via Echofon in reply to mikhailg

@pandamans Thank you! I’ll be here all week.
2:27 PM May 21st via Echofon in reply to pandamans

With this cough I could definitely write a book on hacking, I tell ya.
12:46 PM May 21st via Echofon

RT @foundhistory: One Week, One Book: Help @dancohen & I publish an edited volume, “Hacking the Academy,” in a week:
12:44 PM May 21st via Echofon

@mikhailg have fun in west lafayette! go to the xxx family restaurant & have a duane purvis burger & vanilla coke for me.
12:38 PM May 21st via Echofon in reply to mikhailg

Gah, sick day. :(
9:17 AM May 21st via Echofon

Student presentations were fantastic. Plus, there were scones. LIB1201 FTW! Sad that it’s over.
12:48 PM May 20th via web

Just about time for my students to present their final projects. They’ve done awesome work this semester. But why am *I* nervous?
9:51 AM May 20th via web

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