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hello, my name is maura
this is mauraweb, my personal website

like everyone else in the world
i have a blog

i like to work. jobs I've had (in reverse chronological order):
online editor, project manager, web producer, college instructor,
research assistant, temp receptionist, archaeologist,
college radio DJ, camp counselor, and babysitter.

now i'm a librarian, which is the best job yet
i'm chief librarian, professor, and department chair, library
at new york city college of technology, cuny

late last millennium i used to write something like a webzine
sometimes about the indiepop list and popfests
it was called peas & carrots

please enjoy your visit
send comments to mas at mauraweb dot com

credit where credit is due:
wordpress skin + site nav by my super spouse
who makes other fantastic things too
(candy hearts + beautiful tarot)
and also the javascript/design of the old front page
(even though it's frametastic i still kinda miss it)