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maura @ 9:06 pm

I feel like some of my tweets are missing from this list, but I’m not entirely sure. I *have* been really busy lately and not twittering as much as usual, so maybe that’s it. Though I also think I remember hearing that Twitter was down at some point so maybe some got sucked into the ether. Anyway, complete or incomplete, here’s what I’ve got:

@Annefesto yah, there’s usually karate on sat mornings which helps, but yesterday it was canceled.
about 11 hours ago via Echofon in reply to Annefesto

@divanoir no baking, but I did make lunch & dinner fer the kid, does that count? also vacuumed enough cat hair to make a new cat, srsly.
7:07 PM Mar 27th via web

Finding myself somewhat paralyzed by the Saturdayness (and the chilly weather). What should we do today?
10:29 AM Mar 27th via Echofon

@lwaltzer If you’re NYC museuming next Monday many are prob open because the public schools are on spring break.
8:59 PM Mar 26th via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

Lunchtime reading: library graffiti hilarity from my alma mater. Nerds FTW!
12:20 PM Mar 26th via web

Today’s tactical error: I should have worn a hat. Wwwwwindy!
8:31 AM Mar 26th via Echofon

@librarianmer is the fruit heavier? if so, it might ooze downward & not look very nice. (also, thrill of discovery!)
8:29 AM Mar 26th via Echofon in reply to librarianmer

@divanoir j says April 1 for #fringe.
10:36 PM Mar 25th via Echofon in reply to divanoir

@mikhailg can you ask yr students if they’ll let you post their extra credit on the blog? I’d love to read their answers!
11:11 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon in reply to mikhailg

@divanoir A colleague of mine @s_francoeur from Baruch College Library tweeted it. Interesting! Might show to my class.
7:24 AM Mar 17th via Echofon in reply to divanoir

Found a small hole in my cardigan :( #yesimalibrarian
1:24 PM Mar 16th via Echofon

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