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maura @ 4:19 pm

Today is a snow day. I took Gus + a pal sledding then took a short nap but woke up all grumpy, feeling like I need to get some stuff crossed off my list but not very energetic nor sure where to start. Hmph. Maybe I need some more tea.

Then I realized I hadn’t posted my twitterstream for a while, so here are the fruits of my procrastination, just for you:

about 1 hours ago via Echofon

@divanoir oh yeah. heading to the park in a few, after I finish my coffee.
about 3 hours ago via Echofon in reply to divanoir

@lwaltzer hmm, that’s a tough choice. the ds has been a big win for us, but the accordion has some serious appeal.
about 5 hours ago via web in reply to lwaltzer

@ms_tinamarie @s_francoeur yep, we finally got a call, too. yay!
about 7 hours ago via web

Kinda disappointed–have some fun stuff planned for today, but could really use a snow day, too.
about 9 hours ago via Echofon

Lots on my plate. Timmy, my imaginary assistant, where are you when I need you to clear my schedule? SO unreliable, the imaginary.
about 18 hours ago via web

My Devo color is red: Find out your Devo color at (note: not at all happy about red. green is me!)
about 18 hours ago via web

@mikhailg glad to help out! such a great record (and film, too).
10:13 PM Feb 24th via web in reply to mikhailg

today’s assertion: there is no grumpiness that listening to the pixies cannot cure.
2:01 PM Feb 24th via web

Testify! RT @TheRepoRat: New BoT post: Librarians: down with the impact factor!
8:01 PM Feb 22nd via Echofon

Away for 4.5 days and the cats are relentlessly needy now that we’ve returned, omg!
11:54 AM Feb 22nd via web

Home from vacation, missing the snow, sniff.
9:08 PM Feb 21st via web

@zephoria not sure, but would love to hear what others suggest.
8:51 PM Feb 20th via Echofon in reply to zephoria

Blech, so tired of watching skating. Bring back skiing & snowboarding!
8:52 PM Feb 19th via Echofon

cramming a week of work into 1 day, w00t!
12:24 PM Feb 16th via web

The kid is at a playdate and I have 3.5 hrs to deal with a CFP, why are the dang cats acting so freaky?
10:37 AM Feb 15th via web

@lwaltzer Fun! We keep meaning to go but have never been (yet!).
9:34 AM Feb 14th via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

@lwaltzer ooh, nice sharks! Where are you?
5:03 PM Feb 13th via Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

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