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so brace yourself for a big surprise

maura @ 11:14 am

So this past week was curriculum night at Gus’s new (middle) school. We filed into the auditorium first and while we were waiting for the principal to get started I tried to catch up on Twitter. Then things got started and I couldn’t help myself from livetweeting. So here you go:

6th grade curriculum night is “fast-paced.” The principal will ring a bell to send us to the next class. Wish I had a glass of wine.

Talking about testing, progress reports, standards, scores. Mixed feelings. #6thgradecurriculumnight

Up with book sales! Down with candy sales! #6thgradecurriculumnight

We’re giving you 10 minutes to get to your homeroom. #6thgradecurriculumnight

Parents, you have 3 minutes to get to your next class. #6thgradecurriculumnight

“Let them get it wrong, let them see how they got it wrong.” Sage advice from the math teacher. #6thgradecurriculumnight

Bonjour! Kid has the most francais French teacher, complete wih mustard cardigan and fleur de lis scarf. Tres bien! #6thgradecurriculumnight

The band teacher is totally Tobias Funke, I kid you not. #6thgradecurriculumnight

Last period. Science. Respect for the miles my kid travels each day. #6thgradecurriculumnight

It was pretty eye-opening to see all the changes 6th graders have to deal with each day, so very different from elementary school. Things are smoother here now than they were last week — we are all more settled in, phew. Homework seems to be under control, more or less, for everyone, too: Gus is almost finished this weekend’s reading already, and I seem to have finished with the sample chapter we plan to send with the book proposal. Saturday morning FTW!

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2 comments on “so brace yourself for a big surprise”

Anne (24 September 2012 at 9:15 pm)

Tobias, hee!

Is this middle school? Seventh grade has begun here! It is insane, especially compared to homeschooling done by one’s spouse. I had to sit through a thing that I thought was 3 hours long, but my friend pointed out it was just an hour and a half.

I do not do homework! Lucky me! Some parents do. I do help the first grader understand what he has to do. He gets homework for the month, do at your own pace. He did almost all of it the first week, multiple assignments every night.

The main thing about middle school homework is this: you not only have to do it, you have to hand it in with your name on it. Crazy rules, but they must be followed.

Good luck! We are rooting for you (and for ourselves) here!

maura (30 September 2012 at 5:41 pm)

We’re rooting for you, too! We don’t do homework either, trying to be more of a cheering section. There’s definitely more of it but I think he secretly likes at least some of it — there’s still the kneejerk “homework is stupid” complaining but it’s hard to take that seriously when it’s right after he’s clearly had fun drawing a map of an imaginary land for 45 minutes.

Re: sex ed — none for us in 6th grade! They had drug ed in 4th grade and sex ed in 5th grade and appear to have no health or sex ed in middle school at all. Very strange. No shop or home ec, either, which is kind of a bummer.

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