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21aug03 -- a last gasp before the long-awaited (HA!) redesign: a mightygrip suggestion.

14feb02 -- not dead yet: a new mightygrip suggestion! happy valentine's day!

08oct01 -- and yet again i am forced to say: woah! *two* new mightygrip suggestions. happy autumn!

11mar01 -- woah! AGAIN after months of inactivity, we've got a new mightygrip suggestion. the world is a magical place.

20dec00 -- woah! after months of inactivity, we've got a new mightygrip suggestion! merry christmas every one!

25apr00 -- come on down to the playhouse and have a visit!

20apr00 -- hey! got off my butt and added new zealand pix to the travel page

5apr00 -- wow, another new mightygrip game idea! rock on!

26jan00 -- just when you think nobody's visiting anymore...a new mightygrip game idea. also today i removed some old links and generally tidied up the place a bit. and, hey!, changed things around a bit to make a travel page.

21nov99 -- hey, peas & carrots has its very own domain now: dig it.

27sep99 -- right now i'm still pretty busy, but i dig this new link

11may99 -- right now i'm pretty darn busy

28feb99 -- right now you wish you had my sneakers

14feb99 -- check out what my sweetheart made (links off this site)

15jan99 -- right now i could be feeling pretty hammy

22dec98 -- merry christmas! click here for your icelandic xmas card

15dec98 -- a new installment of what i really like right now

25nov98 -- some say it's evil, but i love the tube

12nov98 -- ooh, i added a new section! find out what i really like right now

11nov98 -- thought it might be helpful to add a guide to peas & carrots

08oct98 -- jonathan got a new bag

01sep98 -- finally added pictures to the iceland page; general site maintenance and link validation

25aug98 -- moved to my new web site, with my own personal domain name: mauraweb

10aug98 -- added more mightygrip suggestions; we've achieved and surpassed the 101 uses! woo hoo!

2may98 -- added two more mightygrip suggestions (only 10 more to go!)

14apr98 -- added one more mightygrip suggestion, and added my friend lisa's bag to the bags section

06apr98 -- added the bags section

01apr98 -- added the about section

30mar98 -- we have now achieved peas & carrots. hope you like it!

08mar98 -- added a few more entries to the mightygrip game

24feb98 -- a bit of a new look and a new logo for the whole site

18jan98 -- general maintenance + a few minor changes; added a few more entries to the mightygrip game

11nov97 -- general maintenance; link validation; added a few more entries to the mightygrip game 09sep97 -- got rid of the animated gifs on the start and end pages (they were starting to annoy me)

17may97 -- i finally wrote my popfest 97 review (only 4.5 months later!)

28apr97 -- added a link to music club listings in nyc to the what does a popkid do in nyc? page

17apr97 -- added links to the web sites for the popfests in boston, chicago and seattle to the popfest and music pages

27mar97 -- added 5 new entries to the mightygrip game

11mar97 -- added a link to pictures from friday night of the popfest

26feb97 -- miscellaneous de-bugging-type updates on all pages; added some more links to the music page; added a new animated gif to the end page

14feb97 -- added an email form for the mightygrip game (oooh, increased interactivity!); can you find the sound file on the start page?

11feb97 -- added a comments form at the end page

06feb97 -- expanded the popfest '97 pages

05feb97 -- added some javascript...oooh...check out the table of contents to the left

28jan97 -- removed the non-frame version of site; added this updates page; added links to the music page

prior to the creation of this updates page...

dec96 -- general site overhaul; debut of mauraweb! with frames and an imagemap (oooh, maura learns html)

nov96-jan97 -- continual (as necessary) updates to popfest '97 page

13may96 -- mauraweb! goes online (the first incarnation)

and, just in case you were wondering, here's one of the old mauraweb logos:
old mauraweb logo

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