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so, some people think that t.v. is evil. yeah, whatever. *i* think that t.v. is grand. it gives one a big screen on which to play those all important console video games, and besides, there are some really great shows out there recently. and it's cheaper than going to the movies (well, if you go to more than about 4 movies a month and live in new york city, that is). so i say, up with t.v.! yah!

shows i watch regularly:

xena xena, warrior princess
imho, the best show on television. honor, humor, friendship, subtext and excellent fighting + sound effects, all shot on location in beautiful new zealand. what more could you want?

so there's the official xena web site, but it's kind of lame (although the redesign is better than it used to be). much much *much* better is whoosh! (the journal of the international association of xena studies), which has lots to offer, including an extremely thorough episode guide and a list of air dates for both xena and hercules (including past air dates). also on this web site is a section called news, gossip rumors, with all the dirt that's fit to print on your fave XWP stars. and don't forget the journal itself, published monthly and containing often very interesting and thought-provoking articles and interviews. another great web site is the xenafan web site, which has tons of games, pictures and movies, as well as the poteidaia post office (from which you can send xena postcards!). there are air dates here too (which is critical since these shows are on 5 times a week!).

buffy buffy the vampire slayer
having fully recovered from a slow start, this series is shaping up to be one of the best shows ever. walks that line between funny and serious without getting too cheesy or hokey, has some extremely talented actors and actresses, and adds that little bit of fighting-n-killing just to keep you on your toes. mmmm.

i'm sure there are a gazillion fan sites out there, but i just don't have time to find them all! actually, the official web site is really quite good. it has an episode guide, bios of stars and characters, e-postcards to send (though we could have a few more designs to choose from), and other helpful stuff. and it's really well-done, design-wise, which is always a nice surprise.

x-files the x-files
like many people, i used to be a huge x-files fan, and like i imagine many people to be, i am getting a little blasé about this show, esp. with such other wonderful offerings on t.v. (see above). but it's still a great show, gillian anderson is a great actress, david duchovny does okay, and the plots are getting more confusing but are still alright. and i have seen every single episode, which i guess makes me a fan!

the official web site is pretty good. very nice design, tons of info., and i like that there are descriptions of upcoming episodes (in the what's new section). again, i'm sure there are zillions of fan sites but i just don't have time for that. besides, where else could you buy a statue of flukeman!

millennium millennium
sometimes i think that jonathan and i are the only people who watch this show. scarily enough, we've seen nearly every episode. some are really good and some really bite; i guess we keep hoping that the show will even out to mostly good. the atmosphere is really nice though, and we've definitely bought into the chris carter brand.

3june99: so fox has cancelled millennium, because they're butts. whatever.

shows i don't watch so much anymore but still think are fun:

pee-wee pee-wee's playhouse
actually, i *have* started watching this again, because it's on the fox family channel at 7am so i watch it when i (try to) drag myself out of bed early enough to exercise! i love this show; i used to watch it with my friend lucy, in our pajamas in the lounge of our dorm during my first year in college. and i even still have my talking pee-wee doll! it was sad that it got pulled off the air lo those many years ago, and i'm so so so glad it's back! seriously, watching pee-wee in the morning will brighten your day.

the official web site is graphically cool but actually quite limited; all you can really do is preview and buy videos online, and send some pee-wee postcards. one fun fan web site is the pee-wee herman worship page, which has been around for a while and has a descriptive list of episodes, among other things.

pete and pete the adventures of pete and pete is a wonderful children's t.v. show on nickelodeon. two brothers named pete and their surreal suburban life, all to the tune of an indiepop soundtrack. what could be better? although the show was canceled in 1996, nickelodeon continues to show reruns.

this web site devoted to the show is comprehensive and well done, and is a great source for all pete and pete info. (plus, i'm in the credits! yay!).


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