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welcome to a gallery of some of my favorite images that i've collected over the years. if i could think of something more interesting to do with them, i would, but for now here they are:

falling girl and bathtub boy:
falling girlbathtub boy
these are my two favorite images ever, both from a really funny book which compiled safety tips from the fifties. sometimes i am falling girl, although i tend to bump into things more than fall over. unfortunately i cannot be bathtub boy, and not even because of my anatomy. sadly, the apartment i live in only has a shower stall, no bathtub. what a shame.

*but wait*!!! as of 7/1/98 we now have a bathtub in our new apt.! woo hoo!

flying cat
this is a cat cartoon from the new yorker. in my opinion, flying cats are always funny.

gruesome pic
this is a gruesome picture from an old issue of smithsonian magazine. the gull ate the mole and the mole then tried to dig its way out. apparently they both died, and the logical next step was to x-ray them, of course.

corn palace
this is the corn palace in mitchell, south dakota. it really is made entirely from corn. i really really want to go there.

boy toy
this is a toy that my friend peggy brought back for me from japan. it has a suction cup on the bottom, and you can stick it to computer screens and eyeglasses and other fun things. look closely though, because this toy is actually evil...this cute little boy is holding a knife in his hand! just never turn your back on him...

pals club
this is my pals club membership certificate and badge from when i was little. (remember pals vitamins???) i just found it, and it's so seventies it's scary.
pals club

baboon toes
these are the leg bones from a baboon that had seven toes! it looks like the third and fourth toes have repeated. as you can see, it also has two fibulae (the smaller of the two lower leg bones) which have partially fused to the tibia (the larger lower leg bone). the femur (upper leg bone) is weird too, but not so much. and if you look closely, you can even see some of the skin still adhering to the tips of the toes...creepy, huh? (these pictures used courtesy of the physical anthropologists at new york university.)
baboon toes

wee brie
okay, this is just silly. this came from my meal on my flight to iceland over thanksgiving 1996, and i just had to keep it because it's the silliest thing ever! the cow jumping over the moon just makes it for me.

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