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these are my favorite music links. i'm not making this a very music-intensive page even though i am a music-intensive person, simply because much of what i would do has been done better elsewhere. so, here is my completely biased guide to the best music links:

drumming fish fun music sites! fishing drum

the eyesore database

another favorite of mine is the 4ad label, the british-based home of bands like throwing muses, lush, cocteau twins, pixies, etc. this is a very comprehensive database of all things 4ad, from discographies to label scans and more! very nice.

throwing music

the web site of throwing muses, one of my most favorite of bands, and kristin hersh and lakuna (david narcizo's new project). should be a first stop for all seeking muses news and info. quite well done!

racecar's www symposium

the web site of racecar, a great d.c. pop band! very impressive graphics and also sound and video clips! good for those with fast connections.

nonstop pop!

this is a very very very fun indiepop site created and maintained by jen matson. i encourage you all to go there! the opening graphic is fab, and the concept of scanning in fabric from favorite dresses to be used as wallpaper is vastly ahead of its time! plus jen has a comprehensive and fun page on bis, those cute little scottish popsters.

march records

a fine (now-ex-chicago) new-york-based independent record label, and home of one of my all-time favorite bands, holiday!

ad's home page

...with a billion zillion jillion indiepop links! (and very easy to browse and well-organized links, no less!)

the world of shelflife

the home of shelflife records + mailorder, a spiffy little business run by my pals ed + jill (and creators of the popfest '97 bicoastal compilation tape! check out this site for info!)

le grand magistery

a fine michigan (ex-nyc) pop label with such class acts as shoestrings, momus and louis philippe, among others, and excellent design to boot!

kickstand zine

arianne does a paper zine called kickstand, and this is her radical web site companion to that zine! check out her excerpts from her zine as well as fun links! kewl!

clapping fish indiepop mailing list! fishing clap

okay, truth be told, i'm just not as active on the indiepop list as i used to be. i'm busy (isn't everyone?) and there just isn't as much pop in nyc as there once was. but i lurk around still, and i got to shows every now and then, still, too! it's a **big** list now, and very high traffic.

these sites comprise the webhome of the indiepop mailing list, and an indiepop nerve center of sorts. all of them have tons of features, including comprehensive discographies, lots of contact information about mailorder, the skinny on the indiepop list and our various and sundry "events," as well as links to lots of other twee places! want to find out what talulah gosh released before they broke up? see a virtual art exhibit that stereolab composed the music for? look at the graphic for the very first tweefest t-shirt? then you've come to the right place.

tweenet europe by peter hahndorf

in january 1997, (for the 3rd time) the indiepop list had a gathering (the event formerly known as tweefest) i did my part by (among other things) hosting the popfest '97 page! please visit it if you are interested in the concerts that happened in california on january 4th and 5th and in new york city on january 10th and 11th! also check out these sites for additional popfests: there was one in early may 1997 in boston, one in late june 1997 in chicago, one in mid-july 1997 in seattle, one in the fall 1997 in toronto, one in mid-february, 1998, in florida, and one in athens, ga in july 1998! wow!!!

to help those traveling indiepopsters out when they come to new york, over the years i've compiled a little list of indiepop-ish record stores and other fun places to go in nyc, as well as some simple directions for getting around. do check out my indiepopkid's guide to nyc if you'd like!

please email me at mas at mauraweb dot com if you have any other music links that you think i'd dig! thanks!

13may96 (with revisions 26jan00)

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