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well, it's fall now, the leaves are turning early because of the huge drought here in the new york city metropolitan area, and i'm still very very very busy. so my long simmering plans for this damn site will have to simmer a little longer.

but, to tide you over (yeah, like you're all waiting with baited breath, or something), here's a fun link that my friend roy sent me way back in june. it's the 5 a day fruit and vegetable friends page from dole, and it's completely hilarious for at least these reasons:

1. the fruits and vegetables are doing these crazy, self-destructive things. for example, the apple is making applesauce, the banana and kiwi are peeling themselves, and the pineapple is throwing its rings like a frisbee!

2. if you click on the individual fruits and vegetables you can hear a greeting from each one; why is the pea gang mexican?

3. and i quote: "everyone thinks that raw radishes are a rad snack!"


back then:


okay, here's the situation: my parents went away on a week's vacation and, they left the keys to the brand new porche...

okay, enough of that, here's the real deal: i'm busy. super-busy, really really busy, the kind of busy where you don't even have time to clean the apartment, much less update the website. so, i'm going on a self-imposed website hiatus for a while (not like i wasn't on one already, since it took me 2.5 months to even put a new entry here saying i'm taking some time off!). hopefully by the mid-summer i will have more time to do stuff here, since i do have some ideas for some new things. meanwhile, go on outside and enjoy the spring weather (don't forget the sunscreen though!). i'm going to validate all my links from this website and then sign off for a while. see you in august!

oh, and if you're interested in seeing *one* of the things that's making me busy, click here. see if you can find me!


yeah, fine, so it's been even longer than a month this time. if you only knew how busy i am... i'll be late next month too, but will likely have some new + fun travel-related stuff when i finally do an update, so stay tuned.

swell sneaks!--so, i finally got some new sneakers: some rad nike air terra triax (because your footwear is only cool if it has a 3 word name!). let me tell you, these are the most excellent sneakers in the world! the picture doesn't even do them justice. they have tons of different colors and textures, and are made of like 8 zillion different pieces of leather and plastic and rubber and fabric and stuff. now, lest you say, "maura, how frivolous of you to buy those overpriced sneakers for fashion only," let me tell you that i *worked* for these sneaks, baby! see i have these extremely small feet (women's size 5-5 1/2), and i kept seeing lots of different kinds of sneaks on women on the street and thinking, "hmm, i like those, i will buy them." then i'd go to a store to purchase said sneaks, only to be *denied* because the women i'd seen had normal sized feet (well, size 8 and larger) and were secretly buying men's sneaks! and then i couldn't even find some women's sneaks that i liked for sooooo long, because women's sneaks are usually mostly white-colored and i wanted some darker-colored sneaks. then i found these sneaks, only to be *denied* (again) at the first store i tried because they didn't have my size!!! finally, i went to nike town (which is this giant nike mega-store in midtown that shows inspirational sports videos every half hour or so -- scary). they had the sneaks, and i waited patiently as they came up on the little sneaker-elevator from the basement. AND NOW THEY'RE MINE ... bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! (i *will* secretly rule the world in these sneaks, i'm telling you!) need i say more? (click on "just for kids" to send a taste e. chop postcard!)


so it's looking like once a month for this, huh? well, maybe it'll be more frequent now that the holidays are over, but who can tell?

pig bones!

--all i wanted for christmas:
well, all i *really* wanted for christmas were the bug's life watches from mcdonald's, and i got them, so that was cool! but as an extra added bonus i also got a pig leg! yes, we had a smithfield ham ("the salty one") for christmas dinner, and it turned out to contain (from left to right) half a pelvis as well as the femur, patella, tibia, fibula, calcaneus and astragalus of a young pig (sorry the picture's not so great; my kitchen isn't the brightest place in the world). that's pretty much an entire leg from hip to ankle. since i'm an archaeologist and a faunal analyst i was pretty happy about that, so i ripped off the meat (click here for pix of me "butchering" the pig) and cleaned 'em up. now they're ready for me to use in the lab to identify archaeological bones. lucky me!

--as for websites, well, halloweentown is pretty cool. this is a "nightmare before christmas" web site; i've been revisiting my love of this film lately, even going so far as bidding on ebay on a set of the 4 watches that burger king had for sale when the movie came out (and i won, too!).

--hmm, music...well, i must confess that i haven't been listening to much music lately. actually, if you must know, i've been working a lot (at work and in the lab + at home on my dissertation project) so i've been pretty tired + not really excited about music lately. but i still really dig the most recent club 8 cd, "the friend i once had" on march records. pretty, pleasant swedish pop, sometimes bouncy, sometimes melancholy, but always makes you want to sing along. skäl!


i know i said i'd try to update this regularly, but it's the holidays and i'm busy like everyone else! anyway, i have a few new things...

transparent stuff!--when mechanical stuff has a transparent plastic casing rather than an opaque one. e.g. the imac, the new color game boy and the new imac-ready zip usb drive (see collage to the left). i remember back in the mid-80s when i first saw the see-through neato. making things in a transparent plastic option is *such* a good idea because i for one will *always* opt for it. (n.b. that i do not even own any of the 3 products listed above, so don't think i'm an agent of apple or nintendo or iomega or anything!) also my new trackball has a beautiful transparent blue ball that i can take out and look at.

--lee's (useless) super-hero generator: everyone needs a super-hero name (+ powers!) and this web site'll make 'em fer ya. really really really fun, for longer than 5 minutes (honest!).

--hmm, well i guess before i was following the format of "thing"-"web site"-"music" for this page, but i haven't been listening to that much music lately. though everyone *should* run to your computer (oh, wait, you're already there) and buy kristin hersh's new CD "murder, misery and then goodnight." it's her playing crazy appalachian folk songs, with her son ryder singing backup, and it's really cool and spooky and pretty. you can get it directly from throwing music (it's not going to be sold in stores).


animal shower curtain!--our fun animal shower curtain from ikea, which makes me smile every day. we even make up stories about the animals, like is the turtle upset that it has wheels instead of legs? does the hot-dog-bun-shaped bird-thing cry at night because it has no arms? and what exactly *is* the triangle-headed cat-fish-thing?

--brunching shuttlecocks: this web site made me laugh so hard i nearly peed my pants (esp. the cereal reviews).

--strings and string samples in pop music. c.f. "last time" by the legendary jim ruiz group (off their recent album on minty fresh, sniff) and nearly the entire new aluminum group album plano.

copyright © maura a. smale