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insistent and furry

maura @ 11:03 pm

The cats seem to have missed us while we were away. Dreadfully, achingly, pathetically missed us, if their behavior the past few days is any indication. The needy one can’t go an hour without sitting next to one of our chairs and mewing pitifully to be picked up, or flinging himself down on the floor in front of us as we try and walk through the apartment, to lure us into petting his soft underbelly. Even the stoic one is following us around and Will Not Stand for closed doors. And they’ve woken us up before dawn the past 2 days with meowing and sitting on us + purring (needy) and jumping onto the bedside table to sniff my head (stoic).

Gus, too, has not been a great sleeper since we returned. Sometimes he suddenly decides that something he used to find hilarious is actually quite scary, which seems to have happened on Sunday night with the awesome (and very cute, really!) game Plants vs Zombies, which Jonathan just got for the iphone. Honestly it’s not creepy at all, but for some reason it struck a nerve with the kid. He was up at every miniscule creaking floorboard and clanging radiator pipe on Sunday night, and we were up, too.

I’m tired. I think I need a sleep vacation.

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2 comments on “insistent and furry”

Em (28 February 2010 at 9:49 am)

Speaking of cats, kind of. Has Gus tried reading the Erin Hunter Warrior books (or is he just mainlining Harry Potter)? The main characters are all cats. Henry is completely obsessed, well for the last three days at least. A seemingly endless number of books have been written, so I’m sure his interest will give out before he runs out of reading material, which is nice.

maura (28 February 2010 at 7:08 pm)

No, I’ve never even heard of them, thanks for the tip! That sounds right up his alley. He just finished How to Train Your Dragon (because we are mean and made him read it before seeing the movie) and is nearly done with The Lightning Thief, the first Percy Jackson & the Olympians book (ditto). Then it’s on to Harry Potter #3. He’s got a read-a-thon right now for school to raise money for their camping trip later in the Spring so is reading up a storm — I will order these up from the library now!

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