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maura @ 9:52 pm

We are finally getting around to watching Julie & Julia. With the debt that we owe the late Mrs. Child (for me it’s mostly a caloric debt, but still), what the heck took us so long? Well, we tend not to squander sitter time on movies since it is possible to watch movies at home, and prefer to save it up for museums or dinners that don’t involve chicken nuggets or pizza. Of course, now that we’re watching it we see that we totally could have dragged Gus to see it,* though he probably would have been bored.

* We don’t tend to take him to any even remotely scandalous movies, though that streak may change tomorrow when we all go to see Avatar. But friends of his have seen it, prompting this hilarious summary: “There were these blue guys. They were the avatars. And they had a tree. And they really loved their tree. Then there was a fight.” So we feel like it’s probably going to be okay.

So far I totally agree with what everyone said: the Julia parts are wonderful, and the Julie bits fall flat. I kind of feel bad for Amy Adams: she’s a good actress, but who could compete with Meryl Streep in that towering role? It’s such a sweet movie, too, and Stanley Tucci is fantastic. I think I’ll have to read the book now (which, of course, we already own).

We didn’t get to finish it last night because Gus woke up twice and then it was suddenly after midnight and I have just been too tired lately to be staying up like a teenager. We paused shortly after Julia and Paul were packing up their Paris kitchen and I thought: “Hey, Jonathan has an orange Le Creuset pot just like that! Except his is oval and hers was circular.” I’m sure there are actual chef-y names for them like “stockpot” and “casserole” but I’ll never find out unless we finish that dang movie so bye!

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3 comments on “bon appetit!”

Anne (28 February 2010 at 8:50 am)

More like a “caloric surplus…” for me anyway!

Anne (28 February 2010 at 8:52 am)

We’re just very picky w/movies — we don’t have the luxury of seeing bad ones anymore! We do usually squander sitters on movies though, we can walk to the Esquire from home which is great, and there’s not much else to do up there besides eat & drink & listen to terrible open mic nights (honestly, if I owned that place I’d introduce “closed mic” nights!) none of which takes the 4 hours minimum.

maura (28 February 2010 at 7:11 pm)

Indeed, a surplus for me, too! Oooh, butter.

Avatar seems to have worked out okay so far — he did say “I don’t want to talk about it” afterwards but that might have just been because he was hungry for lunch and also probably didn’t want to hear his egghead parents deconstruct it. I have to admit that I was surprised by how much I liked the movie, myself. Though the 3D glasses are annoying.

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