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we don’t need any kind of big parade

maura @ 10:45 pm

Yeah, I’m phoning it in tonight. I had 2 classes this evening and, while you’ll be happy to hear that they went well, I am wicked tired. 12+ hrs at work is a long time.

So here are some photos!

This is from the art windows that I pass on the way to work. It’s a mandala made of lots of little things on the floor inside this storefront.

It seems to change every few days. Perhaps this is why:

Yay for public art!

2 comments on “we don’t need any kind of big parade”

Anne (14 November 2009 at 9:14 pm)

This looks like our front hall!

maura (19 November 2009 at 9:56 pm)

I should have taken another picture — I walked by after work and it’s much bigger!

Jonathan and Gus built a D&D map out of blocks + paper w/drawings in Gus’s bedroom, but we had to shift + slightly dismantle it because Gus couldn’t really get to his drawers and it was causing morning strife. Like that Mrs. Piggle Wiggle story about the kid who won’t pick up his toys!

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