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tuesday, tuesday, tuesday!

maura @ 9:17 pm

This past week’s Twitter stream, just for you!

Tomorrow I have 2 afternoon meetings with cookies. Wish I could put some of those cookies in a time machine and send them to my desk now.
about 5 hours ago from web

unexpectedly, I only have 1 meeting today. One! Hip hip, hooray for a catchup day!
about 11 hours ago from web

@Annefesto w00t multiplex! what’dya see?
about 22 hours ago from Echofon in reply to Annefesto

RT @LNBel: RT @SeedLibrary If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need. -Cicero
12:36 PM Nov 9th from Echofon

if you haven’t blogged today, you haven’t blogged today.
8:34 PM Nov 8th from web

wish the kid were asleep, tho i am enjoying listening to the kid + the dad reading shel silverstein poems. they’re cracking up.
9:16 PM Nov 7th from web

howdy tweeps, ping me w/yr contact info so i can add you to my wave, dudes. (thx to @notjonathan, who is rad.)
5:20 PM Nov 7th from web

Metrotech, Brooklyn, November 7. Isn’t it a little early for this?
11:01 AM Nov 7th from Echofon

getting ready to teach. only 1 Saturday class for me this semester, which isn’t so bad.
8:55 AM Nov 7th from Echofon

RT @jimgroom: New blog post: Create your own LibGuides with WordPress
10:05 PM Nov 6th from Echofon

settlers of catan is much more complicated than I remembered. or maybe it’s just that I’m 10 yrs older.
6:26 PM Nov 6th from Echofon

had pastries at *2* events at work today, yum.
9:53 PM Nov 5th from Echofon

RT @zephoria: I love librarians. They always make me feel like the world’s gonna be AOK.
9:51 PM Nov 5th from Echofon

i miss tv. could really do with an episode of fringe and a beer right now.
9:11 PM Nov 4th from web

my library’s hiring! and search for job 1796. ping me with ?s.
8:42 PM Nov 4th from web

blurgh. that is all.
10:12 AM Nov 4th from web

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