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turn around, back again

maura @ 10:05 pm

For various reasons tonight I’ve got nothing much to say.

This weekend was busy.

I taught a class. Jonathan took Gus to karate. I got tired of waiting for the house to clean itself so we cleaned it. Jonathan worked on his iPhone app. Gus played Pokemon Sapphire and shared many thrilling facts with us about various Pokemon. I wrote a long blog post about teaching that is boring to all but librarians. Gus finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and told us all about the parts that are different from the movie. I did some laundry. J made fried chicken for dinner (yum). J + I watched Fringe. I’m disappointed w/TV this fall, but that’s another post.

I took one of the cats to the vet to get the irritation on his neck checked again. The vet told me that the cat might have food allergies and we should switch him to a single-protein food like duck with peas. Since the humans in our house don’t eat duck with peas every night, I’m not sure why we should spend $38 a bag for the cats to. We’ll be finishing up the medication and seeing how it goes after that. Honestly, other than some scratching, the cat doesn’t seem all that bothered by the neck thing.

Then Gus and I went to the park so he could climb trees + run around a bit before a sedentary afternoon video game playdate. Jonathan and I finished cleaning the house and had some tea, then he helped me make a flyer to advertise the library’s course that I’m teaching next semester. We had yummy takeout empanadas and cupcakes at a neighbors house for her kid’s birthday. Gus played Scribblenauts with a pal there and they erupted into peals of laughter over the bazooka and earthquake they used to complete the level. I did more laundry.

And now it is time to sleep.

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2 comments on “turn around, back again”

anissa (9 November 2009 at 12:23 am)

Our dog has ffod alergies and the food at the vet was wicked expensive. She had skin problems because of it. When we changed her diet it cleared up. Now we use Natural Balance. It is made by Dick Van Patten! They have a Duck and Pea formula for cats that won’t break the bank.

maura (9 November 2009 at 10:42 pm)

Hey, thanks for the tip, we will have to try it! Though I still think that if anyone in this house is eating duck with peas it should be the humans. :)

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