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and in my heart there are no worries

maura @ 9:57 pm

At a big work meeting not too long ago someone said that a blog can’t really be considered current unless it’s updated daily, or even multiple times a day. I guess that’s life in the corporate world.

Here in the crabby crusty tired old lady world we can ignore our blogs for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages, without even offending any of our 3-ish regular readers! Oh yes, we can!

And in other news, my kid will be four (4!) in a mere 10 days and it is completely blowing my mind. Four. He’s writing his name (albeit backwards) now and can actually do some simple addition and subtraction, on the spot, with no visual aids. Go Montessori preschool, go! He’s getting this bike for his birthday, which will BLOW HIS LITTLE MIND. His best buddy from school has one and he’s been talking about it for ages.

Now we just need to put it together and find someone to lend us a pump to blow up the tires.

Time for Lost! Leave me alone!

2 comments on “and in my heart there are no worries”

Anne (27 November 2005 at 7:35 pm)

If someone said that at a meeting where I work, I think I’d jump up and say “Hey, I’m going to go update my blog RIGHT NOW!” (Think Pee Wee in the nun suit going to start a paper route.)

maura (4 December 2005 at 5:51 pm)

HAR. I should have done that! I’ve told you before that I work with a woman who knows Chairry/Magic Screen and Dirty Dog/Cool Cat/Chickie Baby, haven’t I? I’m always asking how they’re doing, like the giant dork I am.

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