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shunting cars and hauling freight

maura @ 9:48 pm

Gus’ waxing and waning obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine is in full wax mode these days. I think it’s because we recently discovered that the show is on PBS on Sunday mornings. Since we don’t have cable he’s not really familiar with the whole concept of TV, which means that this past weekend we spent from 6:45am (when we woke up) until 8am (when Thomas is on) repeatedly answering the questions: “Is Thomas on yet? When will Thomas be on? Why isn’t Thomas on now?”

At least we remembered to tape it last weekend. The prior weekend we’d forgotten and thus spent the ENTIRE day recounting the episodes to him: “Mommy, tell me about Fergus* and the smelter again.” After the 5th rendition I was seriously ready to rip my head off. Thank god for VCRs.

Or maybe not, because now the damn theme song is on endless loop in my head. Shoot me now.

*Little does he know that this is the very name I really wanted for his little highness, but Jonathan shot it down.

Happy Thanksgiving! Not that any meal cooked by Jonathan and my mom is ever anything less than extremely tasty, but this year’s was particularly yummy and fairly healthy to boot. Turkey, stuffing (with bacon!), sweet potato fries, kale (with bacon!), cranberry sauce, sauteed mushrooms (with bacon!), roasted squash (I think delicata?), creamed onions (eeewww, for my mom + J), brussels sprouts (for J only, with bacon!). YAY for bacon, I say. Now there’s a meat to be thankful for.

Tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day. Live radical — spend no money!

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Anne (29 November 2005 at 9:52 pm)

And speaking of all that bacon (or thinking about it, mmm) guess what’s for sale? The Surrey House!

Go tell your spouse
to buy the Surrey House!
He’ll have fun makin’
all kinds of bacon!
You know y’all want
to run a restaurant!

maura (4 December 2005 at 5:53 pm)

No way! That is too much. We’ve thought about the restaurant thing before but it is soooooooooooooo much work, we do not even think we could handle it.

Jonathan is making bacon RIGHT NOW! For this delicious white bean, kale + carrot soup we’re bringing to dinner at our neighbors tonight. Yum!

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