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missing may

maura @ 5:09 pm

Wow, what happened to May? It’s been a while since I’ve missed a whole month here. Since last June, in fact. Blame it on the kittehs — I’ve now collected nearly all of them and have the house expansion and 2 of the 3 additional room skins. There’s still more to do since not every cat has given me a present yet, but I’ve collected enough fishmoney (without spending real money! go me!) that I’ve been able to buy lots of toys, and have started going for theme arrangements, like putting out pillows and hammocks and cushions to try to attract lots of napping kittehs, or all of the spinny/small mouse/feather kinds of toys for playing kittehs. Good times.


I took the day off today and am trying hard to really have a day off, no chores or work or anything nonleisureish. Last night was commencement (hence the obligatory confetti shot, above). After a few cold + rainy days it’s amazing out today, high 60s and sunny and lovely. I took a walk in the park which was delightful, if occasionally muddy. I read the Whole Entire Paper over coffee in the morning (typically I only have time for the front page, and have to catch up on the rest at night). I spent some time with the book I’m reading, took a short nap, caught up on twitter, sent some email. Okay, okay, I *did* check my work email, but only twice and only to see if there was anything urgent.

I also played some Never Alone, a game that I got for my birthday. It’s new to me to play games on my laptop, but that’s the way this game comes and it’s gotten terrific reviews and seems right up my alley so I jumped in. I don’t know why I’ve traditionally been so resistant to games on my laptop — maybe the laptop seems more worky or serious than other platforms? Really I prefer gaming on a console and the TV or a handheld gaming system (we have Nintendo DS’s because we’re mostly a Nintendo family), because I’m an old, I guess, though I don’t mind gaming on my phone and, less often, my ipad. I think it’s a controller thing more than anything else — I really don’t like keyboard controls, though I know I could plug in a controller (yes, of course we have USB controllers). So far the keys in Never Alone have been okay.

I *don’t* like how hot my laptop runs and how loud the fan is while playing. But on the other hand, it’s nice to have a game with me all the time on my computer, just in case I ever need it. And while I’m probably worried that I’m going to slide down the slippery slope to playing too much if I have a game on my main machine, realistically it’s been ages since I’ve done that. Just not enough time, really.

I read something recently, can’t remember where, about playing games as resistance to the cult of productivity and busy-ness that’s so prevalent right now. That may not be the best paraphrase, but I’m going to go with it.

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3 comments on “missing may”

Stephen Francoeur (4 June 2015 at 8:55 am)

The Barclay’s Center was busy yesterday with graduations. Baruch had its commencement in the morning:

I wonder if they recycle the confetti.

Regarding the kittehs, I finally got the room expansion last week and am now saving up for the room skins. There are a number of kittehs I’ve heard about but haven’t yet seen yet. I suppose I could google some sites to find the secrets to attracting all the special kittehs, but that would take more further down the road of obsession than I care to go.

maura (4 June 2015 at 6:15 pm)

Wow, the morning! Did you have to be there super early? I heard that for LIU they had to be there at something like 6am, definitely harder than the evening.

Yeah, we heard a bit about the special cats from our kid, but haven’t done too much research. I’m trying not to do any research on my own because then it’s a fun surprise when you get a new cat or a present!

Stephen Francoeur (5 June 2015 at 1:39 pm)

Baruch’s commencement started around 11 am. By 1 pm, we were heading out of the building. Faculty were supposed to be there around 9:30 am but you could have shown up at 10:30 and been fine.

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