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i painted you well

maura @ 9:30 pm

The Breeders’ song “When I Was A Painter” has been in and out of my head for a while now, and so this morning I finally fired up Pod on my computer as I worked, only to end up listening to the entire record on repeat all day. It was a quiet day at the library today — despite the fact that today was New Year’s Day (Observed), the college was open, perhaps because the winter session begins tomorrow? Whatever the reason, the library was all but deserted, as was the college, neighborhood, and subway. A low-key way to start the year and ease back into the swing of things.

The summer that record was released Jonathan was living with a college friend of ours and the college friend’s high school friend in DC. I spent part of that summer at field school in northern Spain and part at home in Delaware. It was hot, and my old car would overheat if I ran the a/c so I drove from Delaware to DC with the windows open. It was even hotter in DC and I don’t remember there being any a/c in the house where they were all staying, either.

I remember trying to convince our college friend to give the Breeders a listen. He was a big Pixies fan but kept saying, “no, I can’t listen to that, I don’t like Throwing Muses.” (I know, how unpossible is that?!) I eventually forgave him for not liking Throwing Muses, and I think he eventually listened to the Breeders, but maybe not until their next record.

I’m trying not to make many resolutions this year. They are always the same, anyway (read, write, exercise, meditate), and I always have mixed success in keeping them. So this year I will just make one: I’m going to try to get enough sleep so I can wear my contact lenses regularly again. Modest, right? Perhaps deceptively so. But it’s a goal, and a good one.

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3 comments on “i painted you well”

Anne (4 January 2012 at 8:21 pm)

Had to stop wearing contacts in law school. Slept when I could, read the rest of the time, and contacts didn’t fit into the equation.

Anne (4 January 2012 at 8:22 pm)

But now — green & purple glasses ftw!

maura (10 January 2012 at 5:48 pm)

Yeah, really what I need are new glasses. I have some red ones that I like but they are old and starting to break. I got some new ones last year from some crazy Chinese internet site but they don’t fit well. Boo for having to go shopping for glasses!

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