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maura @ 11:10 pm

This past Monday was pretty crappy. I was still sick, the cat barfed, and I didn’t get much work done on the article or conference presentation I’m working on. Can someone please tell me why, exactly, our weird cat likes to eat the plastic from window envelopes? (Also I’m still sick — who can fix that for me?)

But something very good happened, too: the new Tracey Thorn CD, Love and Its Opposite, came in the mail. Yay! You may remember a few months ago when I complained that I couldn’t possibly be expected to wait til it was released. And then suddenly here it is, in a lovely package from Merge Records with a poster (for my office wall!) and a sticker (for my bike! or computer, haven’t decided yet).

I imposed a media blackout on myself and didn’t read the review in the New Yorker or anywhere else until after I’d had a chance to listen to the record all the way through a couple of times. It’s different than the last record, not techno-y at all, which I initially missed a bit (even though when you look at the whole of her/EBTG’s career the dancey stuff is not in the majority by any means). On this records there’s lots of piano, the songs are mostly quiet, and some are just achingly sad and gorgeous. But there’s some rolicking good times in there too, including the most enjoyable song about menopause *I’ve* ever heard (don’t know about you, though).

Just like with the last record there won’t be a tour, and I’m surprisingly un-unhappy about that. I’ve written before on my mixed feelings about live music these days: I miss it, but more in a nostalgic way than a run-right-out-and-go-to-a-show way. So in some ways it’s easier when there’s *not* a tour, then I don’t need to feel guilty or lame about not going. I feel g + l enough about missing The Primitives at the Bell House earlier this month, and of course I will also be missing Unrest at same in July.

But all’s not lost: from what I’ve read there will be videos of Tracey Thorn performing these new songs from time to time. Scroll down on her website to see the first one: the new single. I do miss the strings from the recorded version, but it’s lovely all the same.

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2 comments on “you turn the music up”

Em (21 May 2010 at 7:55 pm)

A Tracey Thorn review for you to enjoy:

Also, I’ve been trying for two months to remember the Primitives!! Dum Dum girls are the new Primitives, but I couldn’t make that point because I couldn’t remember the name of the band.

I can only assume that appreciating songs about menopause are in my future.

Also, feel better soon. At least you have Stieg : )

maura (22 May 2010 at 9:24 pm)

Great article, Em! I wholeheartedly agree with it all. :)

I know, I often forget about the Primitives but then sometimes remember when I put this one old mixtape on in the car (our car is so old it only has a tape deck). They were one of my favorites — in college I used to listen to one song in particular to motivate myself before having to take an exam.

Stieg is indeed my savior! You should totally read it — I’m on p. 500+ of 700+ and it’s pretty asskicking.

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