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getting the band back together

maura @ 7:47 pm

Okay, admission time: I’ve fallen off the writing bandwagon lately. Predictably, it happened in the middle of the semester when things got busy, but since then there’s been all manner of excuses: I have a standing 8:30 meeting on Tuesdays, it’s raining, I’ve had a low-level head cold since the end of last week, Gus didn’t sleep well last night (so no one else did either), I walked the long (and nicer) way to work, the maintenance folks were cleaning near my office, etc. etc. etc.

Time for me to stop being so lame and get back on the horse. And other lame motivational metaphors. Which reminds me of this hilarious book we just deaccessioned and I brought home called The Dictionary of DO’S and DON’TS (caps in original). According to the jacket flap it’s an “indispensble companion” for writers, and contains such enlightening entries as “overwhelming majority,” “met one’s match,” and “playing-card metaphors.” Because I like my metaphors arranged alphabetically and by topic, don’t you?

Anyway, I digress. The horse, I’m on it. Or not, because I’m actually kind of afraid of horses. But you know what I mean, metaphor or no metaphor. I’m going to make myself write something every single day if it kills me. Which hopefully it won’t (though of course you never know). It might not always be in this here blag, but it’s going to happen. Absolutely. Definitely. Probably.

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