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day 17, and i’ve got nothing clever to say

maura @ 9:32 pm

feeding a cold with pasta + granola bars. glad it’s not a fever!
about 8 hours ago from web

RT @CityTechLibrary Students, want to learn to research more efficiently? Take the library’s new course next semester!
about 10 hours ago from web

good: RT today = I can work from the sofa to try + kick this sore throat. bad: building repointing = noisy saws just outside the window.
9:23 AM Nov 16th from web

listening to j+g play d+d
4:51 PM Nov 15th from web

@mikhailg Twas awesome, for parents & kids. Definitely recommended. Not scary at all. Gus says the book’s a bit different, fwiw.
5:47 PM Nov 14th from Echofon in reply to mikhailg

Waiting to see Fantastic Mr Fox with J & G & some jr mints, rock on.
3:48 PM Nov 14th from Echofon

RT @mikhailg: .@lwaltzer: “Our students are fascinating . . . many of them don’t know that they’re fascinating” #wcnyc Amen 2 that. Go CUNY!
10:13 AM Nov 14th from Echofon

@listentomyvoice Ha! His exclamations always used to crack me up when I adjuncted at BC.
10:09 AM Nov 14th from Echofon in reply to listentomyvoice

@mikhailg @mkgold @boonebgorges @lwaltzer keep them wordcamp tweets a’comin! wish i could be there.
9:26 AM Nov 14th from Echofon in reply to mikhailg

@eszter if in academic community, maybe postit notes or flash drives? a nice alternative to pens or tote bags.
9:50 PM Nov 13th from web in reply to eszter

wow, how is it possible that i have 12 hrs of twitter to catch up on? today didn’t seem that busy.
9:43 PM Nov 13th from web

@boonebgorges @mkgold @mikhailg Looks like #cunypie was fun — sorry I had to miss it.
9:41 PM Nov 13th from web in reply to boonebgorges

RT @jpeg2000 Practicing Wave Zero is much easier than Inbox Zero
10:23 PM Nov 12th from web

@ALA_ACRL Yes, I’d like a projected backchannel, I think it would be really interesting.
1:22 PM Nov 12th from Echofon in reply to ALA_ACRL

@notjonathan @Annefesto Says the man who now has the comfy desk chair! I’d say get a comfy desk chair, myself. One for each desk.
9:23 PM Nov 11th from web in reply to notjonathan

Alright, busy day, let’s get this party started. And big ups to the annoying cats for waking me up at 5am! Solid.
7:32 AM Nov 11th from Echofon

@lwaltzer good point. maybe a sympathetic passerby could pop the cookies into the time machine for me.
11:30 PM Nov 10th from Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

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