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lose yourself in the sound

maura @ 10:00 pm

This summer’s been weirdly paced, slow yet fast. It seems like it’s just begun, yet it’ll be over in a few weeks. For me, at least — Gus doesn’t start school until Sept 9 because there is a rule that public schools don’t start until after Labor Day which this year is on 9/7, as late as it can possibly be. Maybe it’s because it rained all of June (and also I was strangely busy at work until well into June). And then it was cool in July (which I loved). But now it’s August and hot and I’m sluggish. All of which contributes to the fast slowness.

There’s also the thing about not having a lot scheduled at work which can sometimes perversely make it harder to get things done. It can be nice to have a couple of meetings, classes or ref desk shifts sprinkled around the week, just to have something to hang yr schedule on. I’ve gotten a fair amount done so far this summer — had a couple of big projects planned at work — but not as much as I feel like I should have. And I am still procrastinating weeding (tho I feel like I read/hear that everyone does).

But it’s a little scary to realize that there’s only a couple of weeks left to my summer. We’ve got one more vacation coming up and then it’s orientation + first week of classes. I’d love to have one more week of summer, one week for just research/writing. I’m in the middle of an article and have a bunch of smallish things to do for this year’s big research project and have a malformed mini-draft for another article and am trying to come up with a topic for presentation at a small local conference. And I’m sorely neglecting my personal academic/library blog. And I should write another post for the official academic library blog. Last week I thought I’d write about the slow fastness of summer, but now I can’t figure out how to do it that doesn’t sound all trite + whiny (which is the raison d’etre of this blag only, not the others).

I’m thinking about that whole “get up early + write” thing, the standard advice that all the real writers dole out. I try hard to force myself to work at night but in my old age I’ve realized that I’m a morning person. Gus’s current camp is really close to our house so the mornings will be more relaxed for a little while — this is probably a good time to try it. But of course then I will need to go to bed early, too. Funny how the real writers never mention that. Don’t they need sleep?

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3 comments on “lose yourself in the sound”

Em (4 August 2009 at 1:34 pm)

FWIW, my husband (not a real writer’s writer) actually got up at 5 am a number of weekends in a row when he was writing his book. I think it really helped him to have several hours of uninterrupted time.

Anne (5 August 2009 at 10:00 am)

Real writers love the meth!

maura (5 August 2009 at 7:14 pm)

Yeah, I think I’m going to try it soon, maybe Friday. The getting up early, that is, not the meth! I don’t need anything that could make me more spazzy than I already am naturally.

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