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and the big ones just eat all the little ones

maura @ 9:36 pm

Woah, hi interwebs! How’s it going? Enjoying your late August end of summer (at least here in the northern hemisphere) goodness?

Not a whole lot to report from mauraweb!land. In between pounding reload on all the job websites I’ve been taking it sort of easy: a little library internshipping, a smidge of freelancing, some errand running and home organizing. That last one resulted in an ebay selling frenzy, so tomorrow I have to go to the post office and ship off a bunch of our old stuff that, amazingly, people wanted to buy. Yay for the interwebs!

Gus is wrapping up summer of camp part II: science camp. He’s having a ball: on the very first day they each got to dissect a fish with a toothpick! And yesterday he brought home the standard baking soda + vinegar volcano. Age 5 3/4 is apparently the age of insistent, high volume, authoritative explanations on everything, and science camp has provided him with LOTS of material. The one (small) down side is that it’s a lot less run-around-outdoorsy than his last camp, so he’s not as tired at the end of the day as we’d gotten used to.

We’re having a weird cold + wet snap here and it hardly seems like summer — both yesterday and today I wore a WOOL SWEATER. I hate summer, but last weekend Gus + I had planned to go to the floating pool, and it was kind of a bummer that it was too cold to go. So we went to the Bronx Zoo instead. Right now there is one little nursling gorilla and four crazy kid gorillas and they were all completely riveting to watch, swinging on vines and riding on the grownups’ backs and generally acting like Gus, only hairier.

I need new music on my ipod for the gym. And why is the latest Shins record not as good as the first two?

Weeds is back, and it’s heavy.

Okay, I seem to be rambling. What can I say: it’s August, what do you expect?

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