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when there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire

maura @ 10:05 pm

What a difference 13 days make! I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that my wounds are nearly completely healed now, with the exception of my knee. Of course I reopened that puppy by banging into the coffee table tonight while I was “playing” Mousetrap* with Gus. Duh for me. On the bright side, the face wounds have healed scab-free and are completely makeupable. If I’m wearing pants, no one even has to know how much of an idiot I am!

* “playing” Mousetrap with Gus involves setting up the whole trap mechanism and having him trap mice, in this case the red + yellow mice, repeatedly. No actual turns are taken, no actual game is played. It’s mind-numbing, but in a fairly inoffensive way.

So I’ve been meaning to expound on Anne’s comment from last week that the found stroller is cursed. You know, I think she may be onto something! Since I found that stroller we have been sick and sick. AND, last week my computer’s hard drive crapped out! Luckily I live in Nerd House, where there are 3 other computers to choose from, though I miss mine, a lampy iMac. Since then I’ve been on a PC where things are uglier. I’m so sorry for your ugliness, dear PC-users.

At first I thought the curse was an unhealthy curse. I found that stroller on the way home from the gym, and all the illness + injury has kept me from going to the gym much. But then the busted computer, I don’t know how that fits in. I mean, it is 3 yrs old, though I must admit I’ve never had a hard drive die on me. Anne, any ideas?

My friend S said, “are you going to get rid of that stroller?” and Jonathan was like, “no, we cannot, I LOVE it.” So there you go.

And in the making lemonade department, we used the computer fixit shop errand as an excuse to have lunch at Shake Shack, where we’ve been wanting to go forever. Gus ate his weight (about 28 lbs.) in cheeseburger, fries and chocolate milkshake, which astonished us. And it was yuuuuuuuuuummy.

And in other weekend news, my mom came up for a sleepover with Gus, and we hightailed it way across the river for a hotel date night. We stayed here, ate here, saw this and drank this (little cans! bendy straws! so festive!) staring out the window of our room. The next morning we slept til almost 8:30am! Such is the childfree life. Of course, we had to run back to Brooklyn quick because we missed that kid so much, but what are you going to do.

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2 comments on “when there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire”

Anne (24 June 2005 at 4:25 pm)

I don’t know much about wine–oddly enough!–but I have had mini wines, wine-in-a-box (not as much fun as it sounds, nothing pops up), sparkling, red, white, pink, fruity, good, cheap, and some kind with a monkey on the label (I forget what it’s called–I call it “monkey wine!”). Not once in a can!

But it would be great, because you could say, “Yes, after a hard day’s work, I like to sit back and pop open a cool can of wine.”

Or “So I was on the mower and this deputy comes up to me and says ‘Hey, you can’t drink that while driving!’ And I said ‘Listen, you *(*$&%head, it’s wine in a can! It’s my yard, get off my *&^$ grass!'”

Ah, date night. At first I would worry so much during them that we didn’t have any fun. I’m over that now. I’m all, “Sayonara, don’t wait up!”

Re: possessed stroller–I think all strollers are a bit possessed. Kids have more energy than we do, yet they scam adults into pushing them around! Hmm. When Max was little we had him in one at a Sears. He knocked a (closed) bucket of paint off a shelf and onto his head. He does like the police cars on the shopping carts at Farm Fresh though. (Except he insists they’re milk trucks–because why would a police car be in a grocery store? Good point.) OMG, he doesn’t fit into the seat of the cart because his feet are SIZE 13!!! (Can he borrow your shoes? Just kidding!)

My biggest pet peeve is the thing we call the “baby bucket,” you know, babies are alot lighter when you just, hey, pick them up! And I always see people doing things with those carriers that they shouldn’t–putting them on tables, carrying them by the handle, etc.


maura (29 June 2005 at 10:16 pm)

i know, those baby buckets are too much! they weigh about a zillion pounds, i remember always having to lug it back from wherever we’d found a parking space (what i wouldn’t give for a driveway).

mmm, pink wine…we had this great pink wine back on our canceled hotel date night that i have not been able to find since. i think we need to make our local wine store order a case for us, it was that good!

no way is max a size 13 shoe! that was me in SIXTH grade! i remember the excellent bright blue adidas with chartreuse stripes that i had then. wish i still had them.

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