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banned from the end of the world

maura @ 11:19 pm

Gentle readers, have you been waiting with baited breath, wondering how my owies are doing? You have? So sweet of you. Why yes, I’d love to share the gory details, thanks for asking!

(If you were here I’d show you the wounds, but you’re not and the camera is all the way in the other room, and my knee hurts, dammit!)

We’re now on day 6 post-idiotic-falling-while-running-accident, and I’m pleased to say that nearly all of my wounds have stopped oozing. Yippee! A glaring exception is my knee, which is still in pretty bad shape. But this morning Gus said, “Mommy, your face looks better!” He then proceeded to kiss my eyebrows (sort of his security blanket, my eyebrows), so I know he means it.

One thing about injuries, they provide a fantastic vocabulary-boosting opportunity. Did you know that the yellowish-white goo that oozes from an abrasion is called exudate? Did you? Well, now you do.

I ointmented and bandaged myself up on Monday and hobbled into work (damn those 50+ subway stairs), where I was instantly mortified by everyone’s sympathy (yes, I am an idiot, please don’t remind me!). BUT, I’d completely forgotten that one of my coworkers is a bicycle racer, and thus knows a thing or two about road rash. He had some great tips, chief among them this new, cool, cling-wrap-esque bandage that’s actually letting me bend my knee without excruciating pain. Thanks, Xavier!

However, my face, while mostly non-oozy (save for a tiny spot on the bridge of my nose), is still a sight. I now have 3 big and 2 tiny red patches where the ooze used to be. Luckily I can cover them with makeup now, since they’ve dried out (and luckily I still have some coverup from last year’s forehead carcinoma removal, the first of what I’m sure will be many forays into the land of skin cancer). But vanity, thy name is ME, ooh boy. If the carcinoma is any indication, these owies will fade to lovely pale white spots, paler than the rest of my skin. Thanks, Celtic heritage, for giving me that easy-to-scar skin. Off to the pub to drown my sorrows in a pint.

Or not really. Really I am drinking a glass of wine and wondering why I am still awake at 11:05pm. It’s Gus’ fault — he didn’t conk out til after 9:30 tonight, and I gots stuff to do, blogs to read, PTA tshirts to coordinate. Plus, after 11 days of evil heat (ending with a few days of the mid-90s, a temperature that I believe should NEVER be reached at this latitude), it’s a breezy and fabulous 70-ish degrees today. The house is airing out, and the piles of laundry I couldn’t stand to do in our apartment without an outdoor-vented dryer are all lined up for tomorrow morning. All is right with the world.

I suspect Gus, at 3 1/2, may finally be ready to give up his nap. The problem is that he goes to school every day and they nap there. So we have no control over it, really. I guess we’ll just move the bedtime stuff back a bit to accommodate his wakefulness. Drag, though, as that shrinks the evening grownup time evermore. Maybe we can get him to play quietly by himself while we check email. HA hahahahaha! I’m so funny.

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3 comments on “banned from the end of the world”

daniel (16 June 2005 at 11:38 pm)

Damn. I did the same thing playing frisbee on gravel two years ago. The mind was willing but the flesh was weak. Lots of blood. Ruined a shirt. Nasty, but mostly just embarrassing. Glad to hear you’re doing better and are so well taken care of!

Anne (21 June 2005 at 6:08 am)

Re naps and napping: Max’s least favorite part of pre-K was the daily nap! It was hard for his teacher because some of the kids couldn’t carry on w/o one, and some just needed the quiet time. Then there was Max! He used to take 2 naps/day, ahh, I remember it well…then he gave up the afternoon one and kept the morning one (go figure?!). Anyway, by the time school started he was way past that. The only naps he ever took were those that happened by happy chance in the car when he and Ben would be coming back from the store or the Y or something in late afternoon (these made him stay up all night though! SO…at school he just had to lie there quietly. Unfortunately this is not a natural state for 4=5 y.o. boys, and thus was the source of many turned cards. Towards the end of the year his teacher would have him come read to her instead. And actually he says he did fall asleep once or twice! Good luck…

Maura (21 June 2005 at 8:16 pm)

Thanks Daniel! I wish I could’ve been doing something more exciting (and inherently dangerous) than running for the bus, but that’s the way it goes. Hopefully Gus will get Jonathan’s cat-like agility genes over my buffalo-like clumsy ones.

Anne, they make the kids at Gus’ school lie quietly if they’re not napping, too. For some reason it seems like mostly the girls are the non-nappers right now…every so often Gus comes home from school all crabby and we say “did you nap?” and he replies “Margot and I were kicking each other the whole time,” or, “Madeleine and I were talking.” Harlots.

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