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maura @ 12:19 pm

1) Recently I realized that often when Jonathan or I have to go somewhere at night, we tell Gus we’re going to a meeting. This is often legitimate, like last night when I went to a PTA meeting (I’m way too involved in this fundraiser thing). But other times it’s basically a euphemism for whatever fun grownup thing we’re doing. “Bye, sweetie, Mommy’s going to a meeting. At the BAR down the street, with her FRIENDS, to do some DRINKING.”

2) A very, very, very weird (in a good way) thing happened to me yesterday. Last weekend we went to visit my dad, and we took the stroller (which was stupid in the first place since you drive everywhere in northern Vermont and the damn thing just sat in the trunk of the car all weekend long). And, of course , we forgot to pick it up at the gate at JFK when we got home, DUH. It was just a cheapo umbrella stroller, no great loss, but kind of a pain since Gus is not quite ready to walk everywhere yet. My friend has a stroller that I really like, a little nicer than our old one, so I found a store that carries them and was going to schlep there yesterday afternoon. Except that when I was walking home from the gym yesterday morning the most amazing thing happened. Right there on top of a pile of garbage across the street from our building, there was the EXACT stroller I’d been planning to buy, make, model, color, everything, and seemingly BRAND SPANKING NEW! I unfolded it and rolled it home, and it seems to be in perfect condition. Jonathan wiped the invisible garbage cooties off and confirmed that it seems to be completely brand new, maybe used once. What kind of karma have I accumulated that the perfect stroller just fell out of the sky into my hands? (I guess the kind that don’t mind bitching, because I’ve been complaining mightily about all my work schedule changes the past few weeks).

Now Jonathan and I are convinced that it’s probably possessed, like the numbers Hurley used to win the lottery on Lost. Or maybe it’s just that Lost has been so great recently we can hardly wait til next Wednesday. You make the call.

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mike (19 April 2005 at 12:38 pm)

“Going to a meeting.” Gotta remember that euphemism.

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