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maura @ 10:38 pm

Our bags are packed + ready to go, the alarm is set for 6am tomorrow (oof!), and the car to the airport is reserved for our trip to visit one of our 4 grandparental households, which means that I actually have time to write here. I write spazzy little blog entries every freaking minute in my head, it seems, so why can’t I think of anything to say?

I’ve gotten sucked into reading the (mostly parental) blogiverse lately. It’s so easy to bounce from place to place, read about everyone’s kids and the adorable + infuriating things that they do. Let’s add something from my own day to the mix, shall we?

ADORABLE: Gus woke up from his nap today by saying, “I’m ready to wake up now because I’m not tired anymore”, ran out, Ringo Starr bedhead flying, into the living room, and plopped immediately down to play with his fire truck, as if he’d been thinking about it the whole time he was napping, that he Just Couldn’t Wait to get up and play with it again.

INFURIATING: So then our friends S (mom) and E (daughter) called and I invited them to come over to play, and suddenly he fell into a post-nap grump and said he didn’t want E to come over, which bummed me since we haven’t seen them in a while (and, since I worked at home today, I hadn’t seen another grownup all day besides Jonathan). So S and I chatted on the phone for a while, then suddenly Gus said “I do want E to come play with me,” by which point E had fallen into an accidental nap. Grrr. I believe the spirited kids book calls it “negative first reaction” + “slow adaptibility”.

Also, I am out of things to read (at least nonfiction things, which are my chosen things lately), which is my grownup infuriating thing of the day. Still waiting for a few requests to come in at the library, as well as being pissed off that I can’t get the Mimi Smartypants book or the most recent Ayun Halliday books there (a necessity since our puny leisure budget is pretty much all spent visiting child-friendly restaurants with playdates these days, for sanity’s sake [grownups to talk to, plus beer!]). If I had a laptop or miniPC-type thing I could read the blogiverse while Away From My Desk, but I’d rather hunch over a good juicy Why-America-Doesn’t-Support-Families or Anti-Consumerism tome these days. These are the kinds of books I’ve been into recently (minus the homeschooling stuff, I just can’t get behind that, but maybe that’s because Gus is such a huge spaz). Yes, I’m a humorless hippie, you can stop reading right now.

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