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fellow indiepop listie Jenn L. sent this to the indiepop list, and i thought it was worth posting here as well:
Subject: nyc popfest cheap accomodations web site
There is a company specializing in discounted hotel rates at quality hotels in cities including New York. The company is Quikbook, and you can book rooms through their web site at The web site is great - it has all the information you need to make a decision. Quikbook also has hotels in Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
Hope this is helpful.


*From Karen C.*

Hotel Seventeen on 225 East 17th St. and 2nd Ave.
Telephone: (212) 475-2845

*From Skippy*

When I'm in NYC I like to stay at Hotel Roger Smith. (501 Lexington Ave., (212) 755-1400) It's a bit uptown but the rooms are nice and it's pretty cheap ($100-115 a night.)
If you have the $$ or are sharing roommates and want to spoil yourselves, stay at the Rihga Royal (151 W. 54th St., (212) 307-5000), that's nice, too.
I stayed at the new Soho Grand (310 West Broadway, (212) 965-3000) during CMJ and it was new wave & close to the action, but small and pricey.

*From Jen T.*

I've always had good luck at the Hotel Iroquois, 49 W. 44th St. (between 5th & 6th avenue?) -- phone number is (212) 840-3080. It's not 5-star, but it's clean, and the suites are BIG. There's a king size bed in the bedroom part, and a full-sized sleep sofa in the "living room" section (and cable tv!). There's also plenty of floor space and an efficiency section (with a stove and a fridge and a sink, I believe) and one bathroom.
During a CMJ music marathon weekend, we fit about 15 people in one suite (not very comfortably, but it can be done.) The last time I stayed there was November, 1995 and it cost $108.00 a night (which included tax and a few local phone calls.) If you split that 4 ways (at least), you're paying as much as a stay in a youth hostel.


*From Susan*

Susan recently stayed at this hostel at the last minute and had good things to report. Also i (Maura) have had a friend stay there who said it's okay! This is the information from them from the first tweefest -- call for more recent quotes but Susan said the prices are about the same.
New York International Hostel (212) 932-2300 103rd. St. + Amsterdam Ave.; non-AYH members pay $3 more/night; $20/person/night dorm rooms, $23/person/night 4 bed room; reservations in advance with credit card only; no NY state residents allowed (out-of-state ID required)

OTHER HOSTELS: please note that this information was compiled in the spring of 1995 and may be a little out of for current rates!

Banana Bungalow: (800) 6-HOSTEL or (212) 769-2441 250 W. 77th (between Bway + 11th Ave.); $12/person/night dorm rooms; reservations with credit card at least two weeks in advance; NON-U.S.A. PASSPORT HOLDERS ONLY

Big Apple Hostel: (212) 302-2603 119 W. 45th (between 6th + 7th Aves.); $50/person/night for 1 or 2 person room, $25/person/night for 4 person room; reservations recommended 1 month in advance; no NY state residents allowed (out-of-state ID required)<

Chelsea Center Hostel (212) 643-0214 313 W. 29th St. (between 8th + 9th Aves.) also a 19th St. location; $18/person/night dorm rooms + free breakfast; reservations recommended 2-3 weeks in advance; NON-U.S.A. PASSPORT HOLDERS ONLY

Chelsea International Hostel (212) 647-0100 251 W. 20th St. (between 6th + 7th Aves.); $18/person.night dorm rooms; reservations recommended 3 weeks in advance; STUDENTS ONLY

Gershwin Partners (212) 391-4202 23rd St. and 5th Ave.; $20/person/night dorm rooms, $65/night for a 2 person private room w/bath; NO reservations accepted for DORM rooms only; no NY state residents allowed (out-of-state ID required)

International Co-ed Student Hostel (212) 228-7470/-4689 (i forgot to ask where this is); $25/person/night dorm rooms; NO reservations accepted (first come, first served); CURRENT STUDENTS BETWEEN 18-25 ONLY

Kenmore Hostel (212) 979-8043 7 E. 27th St. (between 5th + 6th Aves.); $20/person/night dorm rooms, $65/night for a 2 person private room; no NY state residents allowed (out-of-state ID required)


please note that this information was compiled in the spring of 1995 and may be a little out of for current rates!

Carlton Arms Hotel (212) 679-0680 160 E 25th St (bet. Lex and 3rd); Singles $44, Doubles $65, Triples $78, Quads $83; singles do NOT have private bathrooms!
Steve T. says: I've had friends stay at and report happily back from here. Each room is decorated by an avant-garde artist, which is weird and cool. A friend stayed in an all-astroturf room! Still pretty grotty, but for the price...

Friendship Inn (800) 777-6933 8th Ave. between 46th + 47th Sts.; Singles $65, Doubles $75, Triples $95; Quads $110 (all + tax)

Hotel Edison (800) 637-7070 or (212) 840-5000 47th St. + Bway; Singles $92, Doubles $102, Triples $112; Quads $122

Hotel Wellington (212) 247-3900 55th St. + 7th Ave.; Singles $99, Doubles $109, Triples/Quads $128 (all + tax)

Penn Plaza (800) 633-1911 34th St. West; Singles $75, Doubles $87, Triples $98; Quads $145

Remington Hotel (212) 221-2600 46th St. + Bway; Singles $80, Doubles $85, Triples $90; Quads $95 (all + tax)

Westpark Hotel (800) 248-6440 58th St. and Columbus Circle; Singles $75, Doubles $85, Triples/Quads $110 (all + tax)

Maura S. says, about how she chose these hotels: i looked in the phone book and looked for hotels that claimed they were affordable. they all had big ads, and aren't all *that* cheap, so i doubt they'll be too bad.

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