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dids and didn’ts

maura @ 6:14 pm

Hey, it’s the weekend! But I’ve clearly got Sundaynightis, because despite spending the day hanging ’round the house there are still Things That Remain Undone, and that vague feeling of not having enough time to do them in. Perhaps I’m being infected by Gus’s gloominess at returning to school tomorrow after last week’s Midwinter Break (not that we can even have a Midwinter Break when we haven’t even had Winter yet, but I digress).

Lists will make me feel better!

Things I’ve Done Today (not necessarily in the order of doing):

– Sent two (2) longish personal emails
– Ordered a birthday present for my sister and one for a pal
– Called my nephew (who turned 4 today!) and sang “Happy Birthday” to the answering machine
– Dusted + swept the shelves + floors
– Washed + hung one load of laundry, folded + put away another
– Changed the cat litter
– Took out the trash
– Drank too much coffee
– Ate breakfast, lunch, and a snack
– Read 2 articles and wrote 2 emails about a conference proposal I’m mulling over submitting
– First-level triage of work email (= read + deleted what could be read + deleted)
– Watched an informative video about botfly reproduction with Gus
– Looked online for a new scooter for Gus, who’s getting too big for his current scooter (sniff)
– Tightened the drawer handles on the china cabinet
– Loaded the dishwasher
– Blagged

(And, in the inbetween times: read today’s paper on my phone, kept current w/twitter, tripled my town(s), got my feedreader down to 2!!)

Things That Remain Undone (but the day’s not over yet!):

– Make a birthday card for a pal and pack her gift in a box for mailing tomorrow
– Finish part of a book chapter I’m writing (due Thursday!)
– Work on a presentation with my research partner (not actually scheduled for 16 whole days! plenty of time still!)
– Start blagging some thoughts I have on developing a game for library orientation (probably over at my other blog)
– Eat dinner
– Empty the dishwasher + wash the dinner dishes
– Pack my backpack + lunch for work tomorrow

Later gators, time to get back to it.

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