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don’t forget to breathe

maura @ 9:30 pm

Just like all of the other resolution-makers in the world we up and joined a gym a couple of weeks ago. We’d been eyeballing the gym where Gus takes swimming lessons for a while now. While it’s not the closest gym to where we live, it’s really inexpensive for a family membership and since 2/3 of us were already there for swimming on Saturdays it seemed like a good idea to morph that into Family Exercise Time. So we did. Jonathan swims while Gus swims and I do various machine-based exercises like the old lady non-exercise fan that I am.

(The Y is also kind of close to my work, though it remains to be seen whether I’ll be able to figure out a way to bend the space-time continuum and take advantage of that.)

Exercise for heart rate + sweat’s sake remains extremely dull to me, but I’ve definitely gained some weight since I quit our former gym when I started working full time again so it’s become a necessary evil. For the rest of the day I’m still in the feel-like-dying startup phase but hope to crossover into the feel-pretty-good settled in phase soon. I’d forgotten how much hungrier I get when I exercise — so far I tend to just want to eat and collapse after getting home, which is hardly a productivity booster.

Today it was lunchtime when we finished and we were all starving and the new Brooklyn Shake Shack is located perilously close to the subway stop we had to go to, so despite all best efforts we were sucked in by its tasty tractor beam, thus undoing all the good we’d done at the gym. Next time we’ll invest in burger blinders.

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