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how many words for snow

maura @ 9:26 pm

I had snow dreams last night. There was a big snowstorm but not here, someplace out in the nature. It was that dry, powdery kind of snow, tiny flakes, the kind that even when you’re walking through it and it’s all over your face it doesn’t feel bad. It was a vivid sense memory for hours afterward, the vision of a snowy hilly place.

Later in the dream there was snow here in the city, but it was heavier and wetter. I was doing something during the day, probably working (though work wasn’t really in the dream), and remember feeling concerned that by the time I got to the park all of the snow would be gone. But it wasn’t gone — while the sledding hill was scraped bare, the middle part of the long meadow was still covered when I clomped in to the park with my skis.

In the real world there’s still piles of snow in the plaza at Metrotech, some as tall as 3 feet. It’s dirty but not as gross as you’d think — since the area’s surrounded by trees and has been so snow covered for so long there’s not really any trash or dog poop in the snowpiles. Every time I walk by I want to take a chainsaw and slice into them to see their snowtigraphy.

I think I need to move my skis out of my clothes closet to someplace where I won’t see them every day.

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