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planning for grumpiness

maura @ 9:27 pm

There is apparently a historic blizzard heading our way, if the amped up folks from the weather channel are to be believed. I’m trying not to get my hopes up because seriously, winter has been so very lame lately, and there’s no use getting excited if what we’re going to end up with is 38 degrees F and torrentially raining. I’m starting off with the grumpiness now, so it’ll be good and settled in by tomorrow.

I shouldn’t complain too much, since this winter has been better than last. At least this year there’s been some snow, though it’s been largely aesthetic rather than functional. Still, falling snow is a quiet and sparkly treat. And it’s even smelled like winter much of the time.

The timing of this storm means there’s slim chance of a snow day. I would very much like a snow day, and on my walk home from work today thought about all of the things I would do if there were, somewhat magically, a snow day. Here’s my plan:

– Sleep in a smidge, get up, have some coffee and breakfast.

– Get some writing done. It should be the book, but I have some game stuff burning a hole in my head that it’d be good to get out.

– Skiing! And sledding. In the park. Is Gus old enough for me to ski while he sleds? Maybe if I make him wear a helmet — that cement water fountain is right at the bottom of the best run.

– Home and lunch and hot chocolate or tea. Maybe lunch before skiing/sledding, depending on how long the writing goes.

– Maybe a brief snooze.

– Video games! I got some for xmas that I’ve barely even had time to play: Journey, an arty conceptual wandering figuring things out game; and Katamari Forever, more rolling up cleaning up fun.

– Dinner, perhaps with movie night? I think the next in our family queue is The Mummy, which should be hilarious.

Here’s hoping you and yours stay snug and warm, whatever kind of weather history is made this weekend.

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4 comments on “planning for grumpiness”

Anne (11 February 2013 at 10:04 pm)

“The Mummy” is great but not a good accompaniment to food.

maura (12 February 2013 at 5:52 pm)

Eh, we did watch it (though you’re right, mummification + dinner is kind of icky!) and it seemed lamer than I remembered. Gus thought it was hilarious though. The night before we watched Paranorman which I <3ed but the end was a tiny bit scary.

And I shouldn’t complain, because I did get to do a little skiing each weekend day. Though I maintain my envy of Connecticut (possibly for the first time ever?) because they got like 30 inches.

Anne (25 February 2013 at 11:29 pm)

Skiing is on that list of things I shall never ever do!

Oscars ™ reminded me (even though I wasn’t watching — they wormed their way through facebook or something) that I’d only seen 2 movies in theaters last year, “Monsters, Inc. 3D” and “Moonrise Kingdom,” both of which were under- or un-represented.

Such a change from watching 3 every weekend. I look back on my life and marvel that being La Fille d’I-House was a paying job!

Anyway, isn’t the doofy brother in the Mummy movie named Jonathan? And is there a bad Brendan Fraser and/or The Rock movie? I think not!!! (Yes I did watch “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and indeed watched the sequel 2x because it has mine carts in it and someone is obsessed and still wants to build a mine in the backyard.)

maura (5 March 2013 at 10:01 pm)

It’s cross-country skiing, the nerdy kind! Reasonably good exercise, and reasonably easy to learn + do without all the risk of slamming headlong into a tree.

Ha, we didn’t see any of those Oscar movies either. I can’t even remember the movies we saw in the theater last year, though we did just watch Moonrise Kingdom on DVD.

Yes, we are big Brendan Fraser fans too! He saves the Mummy for sure.

Gus is way way into the mo’ creatures Minecraft mod right now and is farming horses and ostriches, no lie!

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