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maura @ 9:15 pm

I keep thinking that I want less clutter less stuff less space, but then I can’t resist the college dorm room look of stuff taped on the walls everywhere. Above my desk at home is a small corkboard where I’ve tried to corral those impulses. Of course it’s full.

What’s there? Glad you asked! From the top:

– Handmade gift certificate for a $50 donation to from Jonathan from a couple of Xmases ago.

– Index card, a bit brown around the edges, with a note on it (in faded ink) that Jonathan put in my lunchbox the day I defended my dissertation, which reads “I am very proud of you!”

– Keychain with Gus’s first ever school picture in it. He was almost 3 yrs old and I’ve always been amazed that they were able to get him to smile. The keychain is cheesy, but it came free as part of the photo package.

– Half-used sheet of photobooth stickers of Jonathan and Gus (age 1.5 or so) from the not-very-mall-like mall. Gus is not smiling, but Jonathan is.

– “We are all Wisconsin” sticker from the faculty union I belong to from earlier this year.

– “Proud to be Shelfish” button from donating to the public library a couple of years ago.

– Fortune cookie fortune: “Knowledge is power.” It’s recent and from what I recall the food wasn’t all that good, and I’m not sure I believe it anyway.

– Note from Gus that festooned a birthday present of mine last year: “Magician gave this to you!! Don’t ask.”

– My ALA (American Library Association) membership card, because sometimes you need your member # to login to the website.

– Picture of Gus (maybe about 2?) taken with the Hello Kitty Polaroid Izone camera I used to have. It’s a sticker, too!

– NYPL library card, backside visible so I can see the barcode # in case I want to login to their databases.

– Business card (vertical orientation) for the CUNY Academic Commons.

– Business card (horizontal orientation) for Mud Flap Grrrl Designs, from which Jonathan bought me some rad embroidered handkerchiefs a couple of Xmases ago.

– My Inbox Zero Nerd Merit Badge. Still a challenging feat!

– Classic 4-photo black and white photobooth strip of me + Jonathan making silly faces.

Poem that Gus wrote in 2nd grade.

– ID card from when I was an adjunct at Brooklyn College. The picture is so much better than on my current City Tech ID, wish I could have kept it.

– Gus’s extra passport photo from when we had to get him a passport to go to London.

EFF Fair Use sticker that was on my old phone. When I peeled it off the stickiness was all used up, sad to say.

This cartoon from the New Yorker

– Bookmark w/contact info from one of my professors in my graduate library program.

– Small piece of neon orange embossed label tape on which Gus printed “MOM”

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2 comments on “a list”

Anne (14 November 2011 at 10:14 pm)

College dorm? I’ve always had that — I guess from living in a house with too much stuff! I guess that is how we became roommates — the bonds of tape :-)

I remember when you left your dorm room it looked so empty because of the bare walls. Nobody wanted to look at it. It was so lifeless.

When Ben & I lived on Drexel, I even had part of a cereal box taped to the wall. To be fair, it was the *foyer*!

maura (16 November 2011 at 10:13 pm)

Ha, you should see my office! I always feel like it’s a dorm, but where else am I going to put the rest of Gus’s artwork and fun library swag and everything else!

I really *did* have a lot on the walls of that coffin single, didn’t I? Funny.

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