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blindingly fast, it happens

maura @ 9:23 pm

I’ve been trying to convince myself not to write about Gus on here anymore. He’s getting older and it just feels less like something I should do. After all, this is my blag, I should be blagging about me, right?

But then we have a day like today and how can I not blag about it? Thanks to falling back he was up at 6:15am even though there was no school today. (I was up before 6am because that’s how my insomnia rolls lately.) I started in getting ready for work and a bit later he ran into the bedroom to excitedly tell me: “Mom! I just added a wiki page!”

He’s fairly obsessed with a new Kirby videogame that’s just come out for the Wii, and has watched countless YouTube videos and played it at a pal’s house last weekend. Apparently there’s a Kirby wiki out there — who knew? Which Gus found, discovered he could edit, and then wrote an entry about a boss called Water Galbaros. All before 7am. I couldn’t be more proud! He’s been working on that page and others on and off all day, and the page now has images too that other folks have added throughout the day.

Then I went to work, only to come home to the news that Jonathan and Gus had bought a small frying pan (with an egg on the handle, like this!), and that Gus could fry his very own egg. Which he proceeded to do, right before my very eyes. He even sprinkled salt on it from the salt cellar like a proper chef. (And then he ate the egg, also right before my eyes.)

I’m trying not to get all mushy and sentimental but lately I’ve been, well, all mushy and sentimental. He’s just such a great kid, and it’s all going so fast I can’t stand it.

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Luke (8 November 2011 at 10:23 pm)


We’re also feeling the tear between being proud as Kaya becomes more self sufficient and not being able to stand how fast it’s all happening. We decided this weekend that when she turns 8 next year I’d show her how to make a hole in one (or egg in a basket) because it’s her favorite breakfast. It’s awesome and inspiring and heartbreaking to see them discovering just how much they’re capable of.

(also… blagging parental pride fits within the mission of blagging about you… I know, I checked with the authorities).

Anne (9 November 2011 at 4:16 pm)

Hee, love those egghead pans. Try this, too:

maura (9 November 2011 at 8:56 pm)

Phew, glad the authorities say I can keep writing about Gus! I’m still proud today — even told the students I was teaching about his mad wiki skillz as we were discussing Wikipedia.

Ha, those eggs are hilarious! Gus likes ’em squidgy, which makes me a little gaggy (I only like scrambled eggs, yolks are kind of yucky to me).

Anne (15 November 2011 at 4:29 pm)

Hole in one! Egg in a basket! My friend Paul made that for me, he called it bird in a nest. We called them Australian One-Eye or Ox-Eye Eggs??? So many names for holey toast & egg, the mind boggles!

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