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maura @ 10:29 pm

OMG you guys, the silo house is in the New York Times this week! You remember my slight obsession with the silo house, don’t you?

I kind of can’t believe it’s still on the market, but it might need some work or something (though the price has gone *up* a bit, weirdly [actually the price went down a smidge]). The photos in the Times make it look much nicer even than the original photos. Look at that beautiful old stove oven! And a wood burning fireplace stove, of course. Swoon.

But after further consideration it is really much too far away to be practical. Google says 2 hrs 45 mins right now when I’m sure there’s no traffic at all, which is about 45 mins too long, I think. Plus I can’t see how we could go often with the cats — they don’t really travel well. And like we have the funds for an extra house, anyway. Phew, dodged a bullet there!

(P.S. Don’t tell me if you buy it, I don’t want to know. Unless you invite us to come visit, of course!)

(EDITED to correct some errors — see strikeouts above)

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