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maura @ 10:19 pm

What is it about getting out of the city that always leaves me so conflicted when I return? Gus was out of school all last week so we headed north for a few days for our annual grandparents-n-snow pilgrimage. All of the usual “s” activities were accounted for: sledding, snowshoeing, skating, and skiing. Gus, Jonathan, and my brother built an epic snowfort, too, about 5 feet wide by 15 long with three rooms and walls (w/crenellations) over 5 feet tall and fierce icicles all around the door to ward off marauders. The whole trip was lovely.

So now I’m thinking about the country again, nature + woods + mountains (and the silo house). It’s not that I want to leave the city. Why does nature always have to = no diversity + tons of driving? Especially the driving — on this trip we realized that Connecticut is the Staten Island of New England, because there is always traffic somewhere no matter what day or time you’re on the road.

Also, I really miss the snow. You’d think after our unusually snowy January I’d be okay with what’s obviously winter ending (at the botanic gardens today I noticed that the bluebells are starting to poke through). But the skis in my closet make me greedy for more. Maybe we just need to be in a more northern city.

What I really want is a War Drobe so I can move from city to nature easily without all that pesky driving. And a rainbow unicorn.

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3 comments on “that point me to another day”

Anne (14 March 2011 at 8:10 pm)

Having been there, done that, yes — there is more diversity than you might expect, but you have to dig deep. Tons o’ driving! I’m spoiled now — “Ohh, that’s 15 minutes away! Can’t do it!”

OTOH I never drive past an old farmhouse and wonder “what if?” And we had the best laundry line!

maura (19 March 2011 at 4:07 pm)

So, so jealous of a big laundry line, esp. on weekends like this one when there’s multiple loads to do and only room in the apartment for the one drying rack.

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