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maura @ 10:25 pm

…but I am still tired. And I need to get a good night’s sleep so I can eat lots tomorrow. So in lieu of a real post, here’s a phone photo for you.

This is from our first trip to Governor’s Island, when Gus and I went with friends 2 summers ago. The Brooklyn ferries hadn’t started running yet so we had to leave from Manhattan, and there was that crazy David Byrne play the piano and play the building exhibit next door to the ferry building. I thought Gus would love it, but instead he was kind of cranky and bratty. But it was cool anyway.

The building housing the exhibit had lots of neat spaces, including this one. I’ve always liked this photo — it’s been on my phone still for all this time. I could easily see it worked into some kind of narrative or videogame. And the colors are nifty.

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