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maura @ 11:20 am

Things I Have Done This Morning While Procrastinating Writing:

– Caught up on Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook
– Skimmed the Times
– Scooped the catbox
– Laundry
– Mended a shirt
– Fixed my sneakers w/Shoe Goo
– Unloaded the dishwasher
– Loaded the dishwasher
– Checked the liner notes on the OMD record with the song from which this post is titled
– Considered taking apart the pipes under the bathroom sink which lately is draining slow

The Same, Yesterday:

– More mending (Gus’s pants and camp towel)
– More laundry (caught up on vacation backlog)
– Moped
– Wrote some mopey journally stuff in a text file that I will probably delete
– Packed up the shoes we ordered for Gus that are too small and have to be sent back
– Surfed around to see about new sneakers for Gus (why do they suddenly outgrow all of their shoes all at once [and so urgently]?)
– Caught up on my New Yorker backlog
– Finished a book

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