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maura @ 10:13 pm

I know it’s lame to blag about the weather, but sometimes when the weather’s weird it’s hard to think of anything else. I mean, the weather’s sort of there as background noise for everyone most of the time, but living in the city we walk a lot so I feel like there’s more of a chance for the weather to be intrusive.

Starting before Easter and continuing into last week we had a spate of much warmer than usual temperatures here. And it’s mostly good. I mean, it’s easy to enjoy the warm sunshine of early Spring, even for those of us who prefer Fall and Winter (like me). But last week was beyond warm all the way up into hot. It’s just not right for the temps to hit the mid-80s in NYC in April, not at all.

I noticed a curious thing on the hot days: I had to check the calendar constantly because my brain kept trying to convince me that it was June. I have a couple of deadlines in June, and I had to talk myself down from freaking out that I was late meeting them. And my temperature-induced date confusion skewed my perceptions in other ways, too: it made me think several times that it had been months since I’d seen some of my friends. “I haven’t seen X since it was snowy!” my brain said, but of course the last big storm hadn’t all melted until the first week of March.

No harm in that, really — the temperatures are back down to normal now, and my brain has stopped trying to confuse me. But I *am* worried about the flowers + trees. During the hot spell nature freaked out too, and now it seems like everything is blooming. It feels much too soon. I mean, the cherry blossom festival at the botanic gardens isn’t for another 4 weeks, and already the tree at the end of our block has tons of full flowers. We haven’t been to the gardens in a while and I hope we haven’t missed anything. We’re planning a visit tomorrow* so I guess we shall see.

* that is, if we can manage to drag Gus along, who has recently declared the gardens to be “SO boring” and asked us “why do we have to go there all the time?” The likelihood of ice cream bribery tomorrow is high.

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2 comments on “and never stop to ask the questions”

Anne (11 April 2010 at 10:33 pm)

Oh, man, our kids are sooo bored of everything! The zoo? 4 blocks away? “Agaaaainnnn?”

Krohn Conservatory, with a waterfall you can walk behind (I used to think it was the coolest thing on earth when I was 3 or 4) — “I hate that place!” (This place:

Mainly they want to ride their bikes to the park, which is really hard when 1 is on a tricycle & wants you to push her the entire time, 1 is on a bike w/training wheels and is just learning to use brakes, and 1 wants to be able to ride his bike all over town w/o any adult supervision but in fact can’t keep track of his own socks. Today we made them do yard work! We are mean.

maura (17 April 2010 at 3:04 pm)

Wow, that’s so cool! If we ever get it together to come visit we’ll drag you all there again.

We haven’t gotten back on bikes again this year yet. We keep meaning to, but then the weather is crappy or everyone is tired or whatever. I’m hoping for tomorrow. Gus probably has outgrown his bike from last fall but we will never know unless we get back on it!

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