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maura @ 9:11 pm

So we got this new sofa, and it came in a big box. After Jonathan put the sofa together I just didn’t feel right about throwing the box away. I mean, when I was little it was the hugest deal to have a big giant box to play in. And indeed, Gus sat in the box for about an hour last weekend talking to himself and playing, which pretty much never happens. Plus the cats LOVE it (obvious, I know).

The problem is where to keep it? I don’t want an enormous box in the living room. It’s in Gus’s room right now, but it kind of blocks the door to have it sitting in the middle of the rug, so at bedtimes we’ve been tipping it up into a corner near his desk. Which is kind of a pain, and then he complained that it scared him the other night (though he hasn’t repeated it).

Wish I had a shrinkray so I could keep that box small til we need it. Wonder how long til it drives me so batty I have to haul it down to the recycling?

Also, here’s some Twitter. I keep forgetting to do this on Tuesdays, so maybe it’ll be sort of an occasional thing from now on. Keeping ’em guessing, that’s the mauraweb! way.

RT @tweetMETRO Do your part to protect NY libraries
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.@kgs @thesheck does experience writing grant applications “count” re: budgets?
about 21 hours ago from Echofon in reply to kgs

@aegisnyc oooh, I probably don’t even know those friends, but I’m dying to know their secrets!
about 21 hours ago from Echofon in reply to aegisnyc

Great discussion in class today, yay!
2:35 PM Feb 2nd from web

So nice to get complements on my syllabus today!
4:19 PM Feb 1st from web

A bummer, tho not unexpected: jr faculty tend towards traditional scholarly publication over new ways of dissemination:
9:20 AM Feb 1st from web

I suspect that time actually speeds up in the hour between 11pm and midnight.
11:30 PM Jan 31st from Echofon

Michael Jackson skate in Prospect Park! Mamasemamasamamacusa (plus churros)
3:41 PM Jan 31st from Echofon

Already missing #Dollhouse :(
11:58 PM Jan 30th from Echofon

.@alevtina there is no limit to the spatial range of cat hair. I have a black sweater that I’m about to just give to them & admit defeat.
12:41 PM Jan 30th from Echofon in reply to alevtina

It is totally disconcerting that the renovated Duane Reade across from the GC sells sushi. Drugstore sushi! Weird.
8:14 PM Jan 29th from web

CFPs for this (totally relevant to my research!) conference keep popping up: Spain, why do you taunt me? Swoon.
9:24 PM Jan 28th from web

Coffee consumed, time for my first ref desk shift of the semester, w00t!
2:12 PM Jan 28th from web

@jrrnyc thanks! hope my 5 (!) students don’t fear the snow + ditch the class.
9:37 AM Jan 28th from web in reply to jrrnyc

Unrelated: the cats are Just Not Sure about the new sofa, and are eyeing it suspiciously.
11:16 PM Jan 27th from web

Syllabus: check. Course blog: check ( Students? Come about 10am tomorrow, we shall see.
11:15 PM Jan 27th from web

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