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maura @ 9:34 pm

The library’s new 3-credit course (which I’m teaching) starts on Thursday. This has been a busy month. Time for TV for me, Twitter for you. Enjoy!

Twitter, I <3 you best when I have 100 pages (double-sided) of photocopying to do.
about 11 hours ago from Echofon

@untold The white coat! It identifies you as a daring, stains-be-damned kind of person.
about 11 hours ago from Echofon in reply to untold

Can I defend our home against intruders with my mad Wii archery skillz? I say yes!
about 24 hours ago from web

Dear alterna-me: pls finish the syllabus & grant app today while I go to the Met w/Gus & pals. Thx!
9:25 AM Jan 23rd from Echofon

i’m syllabus wranglin’ and coffee drinkin’. yee ha!
2:13 PM Jan 21st from web

@edrabinski gack, you are too mean! so many are in spain, swoon. (but thx, this is an awesome list, will share w/my cuny jr fac peeps.)
1:20 PM Jan 21st from web in reply to edrabinski

@edrabinski If you come up w/a stop throwing balls in the air strategy, I’m all ears. I can’t resist CFPs lately, it’s kind of comical.
11:02 PM Jan 20th from Echofon in reply to edrabinski

@alevtina Yum! Have fun. Wish I could be there, but my spouse has a mtg so I’m on kid duty.
8:29 PM Jan 19th from Echofon in reply to alevtina

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