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two unrelated things

maura @ 9:36 pm

1. Yesterday I spent an oddly large amount of time talking about cats. Not just any old cats, but mine and the cats owned by the other people I was with. First the subject came up at a meeting I was in, though I can’t quite remember how. Then cats came up again last night, when Jonathan and I were hanging out with some pals from my old job. Both conversations were pretty much the usual cat suspects: complaining about all the annoying stuff they do, wondering whether we’re giving them too much/too little/wet/dry food, interactions in multi-cat households, etc. I do love our cats, but still I was happy to hear that many folks had similar complaints to us about the weird stuff cats do. In the past sometimes I’ve gone looking on the internets for answers to cat questions, and you KNOW that is just a mistake.

As a cat-related aside, here is Gus + my most favorite kitten video on YouTube: kittens on a roomba! Guaranteed to cheer you up whenever you’re crabby.

2. Only 2 episodes of Dollhouse left until the bitter end, and it’s making me sad. (We haven’t watched last night’s ep yet, will tonight.) It’s intense and even kind of exhausting to watch a show that’s been canceled. There’s no filler at all, just episode after episode featuring hard-charging mythology plots.

(Not that the occasional monster of the week episode is at all bad; one of the best Buffy episodes ever was a one-off [The Body, when her mom died — so amazing]).

I’m still pretty bummed out that Dollhouse was canceled. The episodes since the cancellation have been a little whiplashy as they try and get things wrapped up before the end of the series. But they’ve also been great, relying much more on the ensemble cast than just Echo, and bringing back teh awesome guest stars (Amy Acker! Summer Glau!).


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2 comments on “two unrelated things”

Em (19 January 2010 at 4:02 pm)

I was just thinking about Buffy today. Specifically I was thinking how much better Buffy was than Glee.

PS That’s a lot of kittens on a roomba – yowza.

maura (19 January 2010 at 9:19 pm)

I know, those kittens are intense! I read the comments the other day (never had before) and apparently they all would fall asleep on the roomba and then one would roll over and turn it on. I am so simple — I could watch it for hours.

We haven’t watched Glee. I feel like I’m at the edge of my TV limit right now: we have Fringe, The Office, 30 Rock, House and one more Dollhouse. It seems like Enough, esp. since we are catching up on movies. District 9! Moon! 9! And soon, Julie & Julia!

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