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maura @ 10:57 pm

I read a lot of stuff about instructional tech and information tech these days, and I see a lot of love for Twitter in those spheres. And I share that love, really, I do. I felt kinda embarrassed when I first signed up,* but Twitter has become a pretty indispensable part of my infostreams.

* linking to this post is cracking me up because apparently back in May of aught-eight I was all “I don’t want an iPhone!” And look at me now.

But lately I’ve been thinking about the other stuff that I like about Twitter. I don’t go overboard w/the celebs on Twitter — really it’s only a few folks. But it’s neato to be able to follow some musicians that I like, most notably Kristin Hersh and Tracey Thorn. Maybe it’s because they’re old like me and have kids and still talk about “records.” Tracey Thorn’s kids made fun of her for using that word, and now that I’m a librarian it sometimes has a different meaning for me, too, though I will always think of A sides and B sides before anything else (old habits die hard). Kristin Hersh, one of the most prolific (and sharing) musicians out there, lets us know every time she has a new song up on her website. And they both tweet silly funny stuff about their kids, an indulgence that any parent will probably appreciate (and admit to).

My Twitter music fan habit is probably just another mutation in the evolution path (and aging) of me as a music fan. I’ve written some about this in the past. The older I get, the less I crave live music, browsing record (ha) stores, and reading music reviews/news/zines/etc. (though I still sometimes miss my college radio show). But I still feel strongly about music and consider “music fan” to be a core facet of my personality.

Gets me thinking: what counts as a “fan”? I’ve seen only a handful of live shows since Gus was born and probably buy only 1-2 CDs every few months these days. But I still listen to music every day. And my Twitter habit helps keep music in mind, too.

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