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maura @ 9:39 pm

Tonight I want to read the Science section in the Times and catch up on my RSS feeds and join FriendFeed and back up my student interview data and brainstorm ways to market the library’s course to the (hopefully many) students that will soon be able to register for it for next semester and go to sleep before 11. Probably impossible, but thank you for making blogging so easy, Twitter Tuesdays!

busy day, just catching up now & kinda funny to see the Levi-Strauss news reported from all corners of my twitterstream.
about 3 hours ago from Echofon

canceled meeting = pleasant surprise of extra time to gtd. listening to air: talkie walkie = good tuesday morning work music.
about 11 hours ago from web

@s_francoeur I know, I love voting w/those old machines, it feels so tangible and real.
about 12 hours ago from Echofon in reply to s_francoeur

no line to vote, w00t!
about 13 hours ago from Echofon

@maura isn’t every night goth night in new orleans?
7:17 AM Nov 2nd from Echofon in reply to maura

resetting clocks last night worked: Gus let us sleep an extra hour this morning, yay!
7:46 AM Nov 1st from Echofon

RT @dancohen UNC Press surveying librarians on “ideas for innovative publishing projects” Free book 4 completing survey.
11:53 AM Oct 31st from web

RT @tracey_thorn: bloody spoilsports
9:07 AM Oct 31st from Echofon

@listentomyvoice Don’t let it get you down. I had a prof talk loudly to a few students while I was teaching earlier this week. So rude!
10:26 PM Oct 30th from Echofon in reply to listentomyvoice

@lwaltzer he wants 2 B a cobra & does not care that we can’t find a costume. my husband is painting scales on a cape right now. Kaya & Roby?
10:04 PM Oct 30th from Echofon in reply to lwaltzer

perfect weather right now for Halloween: cloudy, windy and mid-50s. shame it’ll be warmer tomorrow.
5:35 PM Oct 30th from web

Great time today @ Gravesend Inn, incredible haunted house built + run by amazing #citytech Entertainment Tech students
6:42 PM Oct 29th from web

@brianmathews digital learning objects integrated into library website & college course management system & the marketing of same
12:32 PM Oct 28th from Echofon in reply to brianmathews

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