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maura @ 9:14 pm

It’s Open Access Week, so we had a little program for faculty (with cookies!) at MPOW today and got some spiffy orange buttons to boot.

I’m tired.

So, without further ado, this week’s twitterstream:

headache, are you from too much coffee or too little coffee?
about 2 hours ago from web

@mikhailg my inlaws are in w. lafayette–ping me if you end up going & I’ll share good places to eat.
about 23 hours ago from Echofon in reply to mikhailg

RT CityTechLibrary Happy Open Access Week! How will you celebrate?
5:17 PM Oct 19th from web

Wait, it’s Sunday night already? How did that happen?
9:52 PM Oct 18th from Echofon

@notjonathan i made a valiant effort! damn you, casunziei and your delicious buttery beety-ness.
11:40 PM Oct 17th from web

I’m totally sick of vampires and zombies.
9:18 AM Oct 17th from Echofon

RT @zephoria: Doing work on Digital Media and Learning? There’s now a conference for you! Submit session proposals:
9:15 AM Oct 17th from Echofon

seasonally creepy
5:46 PM Oct 16th from Echofon

RT jpeg2000 Please join me in welcoming @RadReference to the twitterdome!
2:07 PM Oct 16th from web

also: wearing 2 sweaters, no heat in tech services. it’s like a meat locker in here. send a search party if no tweets by dinnertime.
9:53 AM Oct 16th from web

bummed to be missing @mkgold’s guerrilla pedagogy talk at laguardia cc this morning. i need a clone!
9:51 AM Oct 16th from web

@aegisnyc down with research guilt! research is always good.
10:55 PM Oct 15th from web in reply to aegisnyc

our library course for next semester is in sims! never thought i would be happy to learn another bureaucratic proprietary computer system.
12:49 PM Oct 15th from web

@alevtina we have friends in Portland who love it. It’s easy to want to get out of NYC when job hunting! So many other places…
12:44 PM Oct 15th from Echofon in reply to alevtina

ate my lunch while it was still hot, FTW!
1:34 PM Oct 14th from web

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Anne (23 October 2009 at 9:33 am)

I had that same exact headache.

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