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tuesday again?

maura @ 9:28 pm

Then it’s time for the past week’s twitter stream:

@boonebgorges re: lecture on twitter, you may want to emph care + feeding if using for library outreach (i struggle with that, honestly) 3 minutes ago from web in reply to boonebgorges

i <3 my research project, but the long days are getting to me. next time must ask for funds for an assistant. about 1 hour ago from web

it is impossible to articulate the depth of my hatred of chicago style. *end*notes?! bah. seething. (sorry, alma mater!) 11:50 AM Oct 12th from web

@alevtina yeah, i have the same, but our bike rack is not in the sight line of the security guard, unfortunately. 11:46 AM Oct 12th from web in reply to alevtina

@AgentRamona yeah, you’re right, he is a little creepy. 11:45 AM Oct 12th from web in reply to AgentRamona

i <3 the new brooklyn public library catalog interface. kudos! 9:59 PM Oct 11th from web

@alevtina you are amazing for biking all the way from SI to work! I still haven’t b/c I am scared of bike theft (riding scooter instead). 8:47 PM Oct 11th from Echofon in reply to alevtina

today was the last day of the season on governor’s island 7:12 PM Oct 11th from Echofon

*some* people and their secret twitter accounts for one word tweets, harrumph 10:50 AM Oct 11th from Echofon

@aegisnyc awesome, thx for the tip! we are always looking for new things to read around here. he’s a fickle consumer of kidlit. 10:41 AM Oct 11th from Echofon in reply to aegisnyc

it’s funny nostalgia watching gus get totally into calvin + hobbes. the 3 books we bought recently won’t last the (long) weekend. 4:57 PM Oct 10th from web

p.s. The Stanford-Lockheed Meyer Library flood report is available in at least four US libraries: 11:10 AM Oct 9th from web

Tried not 2 yell at my computer while reading Brin’s OpEd on Google Bks, but failed. Interlibrary loan, people! Blargh. 11:07 AM Oct 9th from web

Signed up 11 students for my research study this week, arranging appts w/9 others (and spoke w/many more). Happy, if exhausted. 10:08 PM Oct 8th from Echofon

@divanoir that’s how we do it here in the BK. 9:50 PM Oct 8th from Echofon in reply to divanoir

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