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maura @ 10:16 pm

It’s been a while since I blagged about the cats, and I know how much you’ve been wondering about them. Yes, even you!

Well they’re certainly bigger, which means that they’re hairier and poop more. Caramel is still needy, though he’s thankfully stopped waking us up in the early morning hours. He does still meow pitifully at breakfast time, as if he can’t quite bring himself to believe that we are actually going to feed him (which of course we do every day — he’s not so smart). Gummy is still somewhat aloof, though he’s been following us around a bit more lately. He’s very picky about where you pet him and wants you to sit on the floor with him (no couches or bed) and pet him while he walks back and forth.

Not to excessively anthropomorphize them, but we’re making some changes around here related to cat products and I feel like they’ve both been sort of crabby about it. I am about to lose my mind with the cedar litter we have that gets tracked all over the apartment (it’s very light and clings to their fur easily) so we are trying to switch them to these pine pellets (which are cheaper and sold at our food coop so don’t require a special trip to the pet store). We are trying to do the switch very slowly so hopefully they’ll be cool with it.

We’re also changing their food. We used to do canned food in the AM and dry in the PM, which was very generous of us, I think, given how awful the canned food smells. But Gummy’s never been very interested in the canned food. He used to eat just a little bit then walk away, and Caramel would trundle his (fatter) butt over and polish off the rest. When we finally figured that out we started sequestering Gummy’s food and bringing it out later while Caramel was closed in the bedroom. Which is just kind of an insane amount of hoop-jumping for cats in the morning when we are trying to get the people to school + work.

So we’re going all dry food all the time (which is cheaper, too). Gummy seems nonplussed; he clearly eats to live. Caramel, on the other hand, is practically despondent in the mornings. We weaned them off over the course of a week but he still cries every morning while I’m making Gus’s breakfast. On the plus side, he’s much less interested in the dry food so I think he only eats his own portion and not Gummy’s, too.

The other weird thing about Caramel is the chewing — cords, chopsticks, the handle of their brush — but I think I’ve bored you with enough cat talk for one evening.

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4 comments on “january, february, march april may”

Em (17 July 2009 at 2:30 pm)

Agh, the cedar cat litter seemed like such a good option initially, but it really is messy. I’m switching to the world’s best cat litter (all corn) after I finish this last box. My mother swears by it, but it’s pricey and requires a trip to the pet store. If it’s a godsend I promise to blog about it : )

Sufi is about 15 or 16, and has stopped voraciously devouring her food the moment I feed her. I feel certain this isn’t a good sign. I switched her from vet-only medical diet food to all meat canned food. That worked for a couple of weeks, but now she’s lost interest again.

maura (17 July 2009 at 6:09 pm)

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about Sufi’s food troubles. Yes, do let me know about the corn litter. So far the pine stuff is working better, even just mixed in with the cedar there’s less tracked around. Which is good, since it really is making me mental.

Anne (18 July 2009 at 11:05 pm)

The clumpy kind works great ** IF ** someone scoops it out! That scooping is key.

maura (19 July 2009 at 9:52 pm)

Yeah, I’ve heard good things about the clumping kind but we need to have flushable litter because the non-flushable stuff has to be hand-delivered to the basement (can’t go into the trash chute, it’s bad for the compacter!) and honestly who has time to go to the basement every day?

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